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Telephone number: +16477762965
(6477762965, 016477762965)

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29 Apr 2021
Free credit score, $19.99/mon anti fraud protection. 30 day free trial
29 Apr 2021
Tried to give a free trial of credit monitoring and identity theft protection which would then be 19.99 per month. Woman was really pushy, trying to get me to spell my name and didn't want to take no for an answer when I said I wasn't interested.
26 Apr 2021
I usually don't answer this sort of numbers, but they keep calling me everyday, that's made me mad...!!!
21 Apr 2021
This woman claimed to be from TD while she does not even know any of my information. Just end the call for ur own good.
17 Apr 2021
Scam call claiming to be from TD. They even knew my full name. Offered anti-fraud protection and credit report. Free 30 day trial and then $19.99/month. They were trying to be very persuasive, but I declined the service. I called the bank next day only to find out they never called me. This was a trap. Beware, don't share any info!
30 Mar 2021
I spoke to a lady who offered me a free trial of ID Assist. She gave me the spiel then wanted to verify my last name, at which point I said I wasn't interested. She gave it one more try but I insisted and she said that was fine and hung up.
23 Mar 2021
Don't share info
23 Mar 2021
Asked for info on correct spelling of name, confirmation of postal code, saying address, saying birthday. Telling me of a credit report and anti-fraud program that has a 30-day free trial and then a 19.99$ per month fee. Don’t do it, I called TD and they said they don’t do this over the phone, call the number on the back of your card if you did give them info and tell them what happened, what info you gave, and they should be able to help you from there. DO NOT GIVE INFO!
21 Mar 2021
Called multiple times. Finally I answered, they only addressed me by my first name and asked for me to spell my last name at the end of the call. Said that they are providing a free credit score and $19.99/month anti-fraud protection. I asked if I could get all these details via email since TD usually sends me helpful emails regarding new services, she backed away from the question saying that when I sign up for the credit report I will get the email anyway, LOL! Clearly a scam and not related to TD, otherwise they would've put it in an email without a problem. I politely said that I was not interested but I wish I had given them a piece of my mind. So ironic, a scammer trying to tell you to protect yourself against scammers!
21 Mar 2021
Called me while I was at work, they knew my name and said they were calling on behalf of TD Canada Trust. They were professional, I told them I was unable to talk and they said they would call back. The next day I got a phishing text, so I contacted TD directly and told them about the call. TD said they never called me, and they never have someone else call, they are aware of the number and it is an attempt at phishing.

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Area Code: +1647 - 7762965 Toronto, Canada Telephone called by: +16477762965

Toronto, Canada: +16477762965 | 6477762965

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Cities using +1647 :
  • Toronto

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Ottawa, Ontario
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North America & Caribbean Islands
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