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06 Sep 2021
This is United Health Care Calling. I have a serious health issue and go round and round with them every few months and here's how today's circus went. I answered the phone and Julie explaned that I am entitled to benefits via United Health Care, but to hear about them I will need to verify who I am because of HIPPA practices. She gave me my year of birth and asked me to give her my month and day. I asked her to verify that she is from United before I give her my birthdate and she said that she's not allowed to do that. Hmmmm.... She then said that she will just write down that I'm not interested in hearing about my benefits. I told her that she's putting words in my mouth, I never said that and only asked her to verify who she is. I offered to give her my UHC subscriber number and she can verify my identity that way. No one else should have my member number, right? She told me that my member number is my Social Security Number and that is not true. She then told me that she cannot accept my membership or policy number as ID then Julie ended the call by telling me she would document that I am not interested in the benefits and hung up.I go through this every couple of months and it always ends the same way. Other callers have told me that the benefit that they are calling about is a case management service to make sure I'm getting the help I need to address my serious health issue. I wonder if United has contracted with my employer to provide case management services, but they keep their costs down with these silly antics that prevent me from really talking with someone and getting a case manager. As a victim of identity theft, the wife of a police officer and an IT security manager, I know darned well that the only three things anyone needs to steal your identity are your SSN, DOB and name. UHC has lost their minds if they think I'm going to provide any of those things over the phone to someone who cannot verify they work for UHC. On other calls, I've asked them to send me information by mail and while they agree to do so, the information never shows up. As far as I'm concerned these calls are just a shoddy insurance company practice.
02 Sep 2021
I called back and got no answer
30 Aug 2021
Have been reciving calls from this number. I finally answered the phone and they claimed to be from Richardson Texas. The call was for someone with the same last name as ours. Even though it was not for someone I knew I acted as if I knew the person they were looking for. The woman at the other end claimed to be a registered nurse and was not able to discuss the case with me because of medical privacy act. I told her I would let the person know to call them back. When and if they call again I am planning on informing them that I have already reported them to United HealthCare.
15 Aug 2021
I am a case manager RN for UHC. When I call my home number, this is the number that appears, which is a computer system number through our home office in Mpls as all of our member outbound calls are through this computer and monitored. It is unfortunate that people are not getting the correct explanation from the nurses calling them - 'Julie' was NOT following procedure. This is a service that is paid for by the company you are insured through. We call when you come home from the hospital to make sure you have everything you need, or if you have chronic conditions we may be able to assist with. Perhaps get you a home blood pressure cuff, or answer questions to help you work with your doctor. Unfortunately, we are required by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Federal regulations to verify partial birthday and street number so we know we are not talking about private health information to the wrong person. We aren't even allowed to talk to the spouse without express permission. The program is completely voluntary.Ask the caller for his/her number to call back. We will be glad to give it to you. You will get the United recording verifying who we are, informing you that the call may be monitored for training and quality, and asking for the person's extension you want to reach. People who participate really like the program.
13 Aug 2021
it is a robocall, BUT they are updating you on your United Healthcare MediGap plan. IF you answer, they will stop calling. Usually its a courteous call. Definitely NOT SPAM
13 Aug 2021
Yes they have been calling me also and asking for the similiar information. i did call UHC healthcare nurse line and dial the extension they gave me.(They gave me different 800 number when called )
09 Aug 2021
Received a telephone call last night from someone claiming to work for UHC and they wanted to verify my wife's birth date to provide us with Health Wellness benefits. They had the month and year of her birth and were wanting the day. We suspected they were fraudulent as if they were UHC they should have her birth date already in their files. After hanging up, we called the telephone number back and it did not answer. It appears to be a land line unlisted in Minnesota. I did find someone else has reported this number in the same scam through Google.
08 Aug 2021
I just received a call from this number on my cell phone (which I haven't had long and don't give out often). I have never had any dealings with United Health Care. When I called the number back, I got a recording saying, 'Extension ... is not available at this time.' After reading the above posts, I'm wondering how I am getting what appears to be a telemarketing call on my private cell phone. I'm on the no call list.
28 Jul 2021
I rec'd a call from a Judy or Julie. I told her I'll talk to UHC directly and it turns out it is a valid program. UHC was going transfer me and gave me a number (888-887-4114) just in case I've got disconnected. I figured I won't be needing any 'benefits' so I hung up.
16 Jun 2021
Called and identified themselves as Chandler Regional Medical Center. Had information they asked to have verified. Then said I did not qualify and hung up.

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