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Telephone number: +18002662278
(8002662278, 018002662278)

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21 Dec 2021
They call me continiously on my cell phone day and night. I am on the no call list. I am seriously considering canceling my service with them. I am so sick of this sort of thing.
11 Dec 2021
Comcast -= Calls my cell phone numerous times a day/night. Either no one there, or they ask for 'John'. I am not John nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be, nor do I have Comcast. We don't even have cable where we live! I want them to stop!
08 Dec 2021
This number calls repeatedly and does not leave a message.
07 Dec 2021
DITTO to almost everything above! What a nuisance.
28 Nov 2021
I keep getting calls but when I pick up they end the call. This is happening to my cell and home phone. Very annoying!
11 Nov 2021
Comcast /xfinity took $190.00 out my account i stay in lorain ohio i have tried to contact them they saying they dont even service my number or zipcode they got my bank account in the negative please contact me at 2163570225 Thank u
10 Nov 2021
This number calls my cell phone everyday. Please quit.....
09 Nov 2021
This number, which comes up as COMCAST on my cell has been calling me everyday. Today I answered, and a man was asking for my mom, by first and last name. I told him to f**k off and remove my number. They will call again, and the next time if they call you say:'I'm documenting this phonecall, I want you to remove it from this list, and if I'm contacted again I will sue you.'
31 Oct 2021
Nonstop calls for weeks. Never leaves messages. Calls between 7am-11:30pm.
26 Oct 2021
Goddamn robo-call from Comcast.. some kind of service announcement. VERY annoying! I realise that they mean well.. but I hate the invasion and the overall inconvienience of the call. There is a reason why I've renewed my number on the 'DO NOT Call list: every 3yrs as required. ..and to not even be a live person on the other end just enfuriated the s**t right out of me!Okay so thanks all for letting me rant here.Peace

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Area Code: +1800 - 2662278 USA Telephone called by: +18002662278

USA: +18002662278 | 8002662278

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