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02 Sep 2021
I have been getting a few calls on my cell from this number with no voice mail. My cell # is on the 'do not call' registry. After reading the above posts I am reluctant to call them back and tell them to desist.
09 Aug 2021
ive received a couple calls myself that i let go to vm if i dont know num i dont answer but they say that i am bein charged because i never returned the equipment and if i call they will send me return labels so i can send equip back and remove the charges i have never had dish and they dont even say in vm who they are
28 Jul 2021
I received a call from them on my cell phone after 7:00 pm. A couple of years back, I had talked to the company about these calls. The person calling me said that they did not have to respect the do-not-call list because I had an Indian name. But the company said that this was an independent company making the calls. They promised they would take care of it; and they did for a couple of years. When I explained this today, the guy just hung up. You can't win. Just boycott Dish TV. Get Cable.
19 Jul 2021
Woke up from a Supposed call from Dish Network at 6:30 on a Saturday morning. Told him it was 6:30 in the morning, and he said he knew that but Dish is having some specials. I told him I was not a dish subscriber, to which he replied, “you’re not?” Told him to stop calling my number and hung up.
06 Jul 2021
I received 3 calls 1/2 hour apart from this number - I did not answer any since I did not know the number. But I do have an appointment set up with DISH tomorrow and did receive a call from the tech telling me he'll be here between 12-5.
01 Jul 2021
calls are being placed to a residential service every 5 minuites (over 180 calls today)to an elderly woman who is bed-riden. Calls are displaying that they are originating from a local Hospital
29 Jun 2021
they are now advertising on Dish channel 349 OFFER for an exclusive offer to experience other premium movie channels at no additional cost. After reading the older posts above, what do you think? A deal or another trap?
22 Jun 2021
DISH NETWORK called and asked if I was using DISH. I said no.... they said are you using DIRECT TV. I said I was but cancelled it... then they changed their approach and said call was about DIRECT TV. (even though the CALLER ID stated DISH NETWORK 800-333-3474).When I told them I cancelled my DIRECT TV and wasn't interested... and I hung up. Then called me back and I questioned why the caller id showed DISH NETWORK... but they were calling to discuss DIRECT TV.I again hung up... then called back a 3rd time. When I told them I was reporting them to the Attorney General of NC... They told me to FUCK OFF and GO TO HELL. Then they hung up on me.
08 Jun 2021
Dish network. They are useing a rolling number. CID said 801-998-8159. Person who owns this number was unaware that it was being used by Dish Network. (I called number back) I also called the corp office at 800-333-3474 and informed them that this was illegal and ask to have my number removed for the fouth time. I will be filing a formal complaint.
03 Jun 2021
269-768-2291 call came. I decided to follow through. 800-333-3474 number was given to me by the person at the 269 #. To bypass automated response I continued until a person answered. After being advised that my number was on the Do Not Call list he said, 'Is this the first time you have called?'I replied that it was. He then added 'Everytime you call you will be called again.'

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