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Telephone number: +18003333474
(8003333474, 018003333474)

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23 Dec 2021
called my work and asked for me. Wouldn't say what company he was with. He said that he missed me and asked if I remember him. I am in South Carolina. He was being creepy.
03 Dec 2021
Real person. I asked to be removed from list, said I would be referred to customer service. Actually back to greeting message. Second call today.
16 Oct 2021
I received a call claiming to be Dish Network stating that my receiver was going to be out of date and they were asking for personal information. They also scheduled an appointment for a technician to bring out a new receiver. I contacted Dish Network and they said they don't make outbound phone calls. I talked to the Dish Network Fraud prevention dept and they told me this was not a call from DISH.
01 Oct 2021
2nd phone call..2 days in a row..only lets it ring 3x then hangs up..called them back yesterday and said dont call anymore
14 Sep 2021
This guy calls 2 to 3 times a day. He is claiming Dish Net employee.He is a scamer. He wants all your information. He scares you that all yor channels will be gone. Be careful. Do not do what he says. Call and find outreal person from Dish Net.
07 Sep 2021
Called at 11:45 a.m. local time while I was out. Call went to message machine, but NO message left. CID showed name & #. When got call yesterday, only the phone # showed on CID.
06 Sep 2021
only let it ring 3x..called them back and said dont call anymore
02 Sep 2021
I have been getting a few calls on my cell from this number with no voice mail. My cell # is on the 'do not call' registry. After reading the above posts I am reluctant to call them back and tell them to desist.
12 Aug 2021
I picked the phone up and did not say anything and they didn't either.
09 Aug 2021
ive received a couple calls myself that i let go to vm if i dont know num i dont answer but they say that i am bein charged because i never returned the equipment and if i call they will send me return labels so i can send equip back and remove the charges i have never had dish and they dont even say in vm who they are

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USA: +18003333474 | 8003333474

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