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30 Aug 2021
I don't have a Play Station or any gaming devices and I had 9 charges to my credit card. I have the phone number showing up on my caller ID and I don't answer it,. since I don't know who it is. I have reported this number several times to the Government Do Not Call List and to no avail has anything been done about it.
09 Aug 2021
Guess you should have went with an XBox?
24 Jul 2021
No, they won't. I spoke to a group of attorneys months ago who expressed interest in starting a class action lawsuit against Sony, but have not (and probably won't) hear anything back from them. I have since changed banks and moved on. You may want to do the same. Once these cybercriminals have your ACH information, it will always be out there for them to attempt to steal from you again---as they did me.
24 Jul 2021
I got the same thing this past weekend. Calls yesterday to Sony on Monday and Tuesday were unanswered.
02 Jul 2021
This number is PlayStation
28 Jun 2021
For anyone that has actually done business with playstation, what information do they require on their website for credit/debit purchases? Do they need the 3 digit code on the back of the card? We are trying to figure out how we got hacked and why we (and many others) are only getting fraudulent sony charges and no others. I am guessing that the hackers are selling sony gift certificates or something at below cost to convert their theft into cash. It is shameful that Sony has let this go on for years!
14 Jun 2021
Oh, it is Sony Playstation. I called them as soon as their Pacific Coast offices opened, told them someone had committed financial transaction fraud using MY bank card---and was basically told it was not 'their' problem....Well, as I am aware that Sony Playstation has had a long-standing history with hackers and has shown zero interest in stopping them, I intend to make it their problem.
28 May 2021
Quote:It is shameful that Sony has let this go on for years!Yes it is---and they have repeatedly demonstrated they could care less about those who have been victimized. I have turned them over to attorneys who have expressed interest in starting a Class Action lawsuit.
15 May 2021
I got. A $99.99 charge to my bank account. and I don't even know. This company.
29 Apr 2021
playstation network

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