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09 Sep 2021
800-456-3355 KEPT CALLING & calling,one right after another & when my answer phone would pick up, there was no message left. I have caller ID for just this reason, but I'm with Vexed and will find any other company to buy from if this keeps happening. I will also leave a complaint with Dell.
31 Aug 2021
Dell representative keeps calling about buying another service agreement for my 2006 laptop. I accidently picked up while I was at work. Told the woman my computer works fine and I'll contact them if I want to add anything. She kept talking. I told her I was at work and couldn't talk right now. And she kept talking. and talking..and talking. Very pushy and annoying. If Dell keeps this up, I'm buying my next computer from Toshiba.
22 Aug 2021
This number has been calling us 6-8 times a day for the past week. No one is on the line, but a voicemail with music is left. Dell has no idea and have been an absolute waste of time thus far. T-mobile can't block the number either. Hoping this goes away on it's own...otherwise they are wasting our valuable cell phone minutes. You would think a company that does as much business (technology at that!) dealing with personal information they would protect it a little better or at least have better system controls.
22 Aug 2021
Received a message from 1-866-228-9620 claiming to be Dell Financial services/Verification Dept Claiming they had an order from me. I ignored it figuring it was some kind of scam but then 2 days letter received another call from 1-800-456-3355. Called back and got through to a woman who informed me that I had ordered a digital camera. She then asked me for my Soc security #. I of course laughed at her and told her that Dell or any legitimate business would never ask for SS# over the phone and hung up.Don't get Scammed
09 Aug 2021
Transfer Warranty
31 Jul 2021
Received a call from 800-456-3355 @ 5:46AM on Sunday 4/11/2010. Background noise but no one says anything then hangs up. Called again today and could not understand the person on the phone and what he was trying to say, I asked to speak to someone who can speak better english. He asked if I received my order as it shows delivered. I said yes. I asked him why no one ever answered my email as to why someone would call and hangup and the delivery address was never corrected and it was a good thing the delivering carrier calls before delivery to ensure it gets to the correct address. I was told the only way he could help me is with an order number. I supplied that with my first email that was never answered. Poor customer service Dell. Definitely outsourced to another country. Will think again before I do anymore business with Dell.
29 Jul 2021
This is Dell's Main DID number associated with their soft phones (remote computer based phones). The audio portion of this system works horribly. This is why everyone does not hear anything. I know this becuase i placed a Dell order this Morning, and my Rep fianlly got the audio portion of his softphone working. Hope this helps clarify who this number is from.-Ashes00
18 Jul 2021
received a voice message from 'Abraham' at Dell Support with 'important information about my computer'. The call came in on 800-456-3355 (Dell Support) but I was to call back on 800 624-9896 ext 4540086. After reading other posts for these two numbers I suspect that they were calling to try to sell me an extended warranty since my computer is almost 1 year old and the warranty is about to expire.
28 Jun 2021
Thats what happens when you outsource to someone on the other side of the world! Jerks!
25 Jun 2021
This is Dell's tech support. I have purchased 2 computers from them since 2008. I never had any problems with them until I bought one for my son who is in the Army. They shipped it to him and within the first week there was a virus on his computer. We purchased what the Dell salesman said was the ultimate virus protection on this computer when we had it built. When contacting Dell about this I was told that virus protection was only 99% accurate and I would have to purchase the extended contract. I thought I was being sold the Tech Team contract but instead I got Dell Solution Station. They do not speak English well.. I am sorry, I am not trying to sound rude but if I buy something in the United States I should be able to deal with a technician in the United States and not someone who I can't understand nor can they understand what I am talking about. Any time I have had to use Dell's solution team I have had to fix my own issue while they are talking me or my son through it. Why should I have to pay so much for that??? Also, no respect for my son who serves in the military... this poor kid has to deal with them and they are never any help.. Also, will NEVER buy another Dell. My computer has had to have two mother boards, two hard drives, two keyboard replacesments and the frame around my screen has been messed up since I bought it. When they have sent people over to fix these issues the leave the screws out of my computer and Dell can not figure out what I mean by screws when I tell them this. They have sent me four hard drive covers instead of the screws that hold the dang hard drive in. I wrote a letter to Dell and got back a crappy letter from them. I kind of figured since they sent me a 'refurbished' computer when I financed a NEW laptop they should actually send me what I purchased. I was told that I did receive a NEW laptop and they are not required to provide someone who speaks English (by the way, there is nothing in the terms of service or agreement on purchase that you will dealing with a different country) never got it resolved. Dell stinks, customer service is horrible and I will NEVER purchase anything from them again.

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