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Telephone number: +18004563355
(8004563355, 018004563355)

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13 Jan 2022
scam-did not answer
10 Jan 2022
This number is directly on Dells site at the bottom of the page. I received a phone call from it and an Indian man answered, I asked to speak to his supervisor when he asked for my shipping address. The supervisor explained it was a random check to ensure they are shipping to a US address and said instead of me telling him my address he would tell me the address and I had to tell him if it was correct or not, which it was. I don't think this is a scam, rather it is annoying dell outsourcing.
31 Dec 2021
Missed the call and no one left a message. Call display said Oklahoma Federal Credit Union. I'm Canadian, why would a US bank be calling me? I called back and got an automated answering service. Hung up as it was about to transfer me.
20 Dec 2021
Received call from 18004563355 as is from Dell, asking to verify address and email. Definitely there is a breach in Dells' system since they had info from my deals with Dell.
17 Dec 2021
This is a scam. Called me and tried to gain access to my computer. They keep calling time and again and I wonder what will make them stop.
14 Nov 2021
Who missed call me from this no everyday twice at midnight. Please track this number, thanks.
14 Oct 2021
SCAM!!! They have called me twice from 18004563355 to confirm my CC on an order I have never placed. The call center they said is in India and the agent name was cr*ppy:). I was looking to buy a laptop but not necessarily a Dell one. They have knew my personal details and I have seen a pending charge on my card of $1950. Cancel the card and the charge. Dell should take care more of their customers and potential ones! For this reason I will not buy a Dell.
04 Oct 2021
Dell sales and sales support
01 Oct 2021
I too had gotten these calls even after my Dell computer was gone. What stopped them was myself blowing an air horn into the microphone. Now, 2 years later we are victims of identity theft. One account opened was a Verizon phone there are 4 different numbers on it before it was identified and closed. One of them is the Dell number. It was incoming.
21 Sep 2021
Scam! So what is Dell real contact number?

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