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Telephone number: +18007435000
(8007435000, 018007435000)

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13 Sep 2021
Calls and doesn't leave a message.
08 Sep 2021
Called twice March 6. Caller ID just showed the number, not a person or company. First time, I picked up and said 'Hello.' Dead air so I hung up. Second call came in within 15 minutes, left no message.
24 Aug 2021
The caller did not leave a message. They already called 3 times. It's another scam.
22 Aug 2021
They called like a week ago saying it was PG&E and that I dodt pay my bills te last four months and I needed to give them $500 now or my light would be shut off.. IT'S FRUAD!
11 Aug 2021
Got a call today just before 5:00pm. Just dead air on the other end. Caller ID said 'Marina City Of'.
30 Jul 2021
I live where Edison, not PG&E, supplies the electricity... yet got a couple of these calls...I have no trees beneath wires that need trimming...But over the past 2-3 years. have received a few thousand criminal intent calls at my unlisted number, and if I didn't know better, would think my name andor number on the Do Not Call List are being used for the opposite of its intended purpose.Some of the callers know my name, that I'm a homeowner, and that I'm old and likely to be addled...Most of the calls have involved 'home improvements,' a Zigani specialty...Now these criminal calls are blocked
26 Jul 2021
Because I have a call blocker on 1 phone, but not the extension, so the latter rang 1x...A minute later, it rang again, this time with no number visible, and 'Private Caller' on the ID boxI'm in Southern California, so no PG&E here.I also have an unpublished number and am on the FTC Do Not Call List
12 Jul 2021
Same here =( ...idk who it is. =(
23 Jun 2021
I answered without checking the phone screen because I was expecting a call from my daughter. I heard dead air and hung up after saying 'Hello' two or three times and hearing no response. Later I checked and found the call came from this number with the identifier 800 SERVICE. I don't doubt this is a legitimate PG&E number, but it is also being spoofed by scammers who want marks in non-PG&E service areas. I get power from SCE. This number is now blocked on my phone.
20 Jun 2021
Got a prerecord about new energy. Pressed a key to find out who it was: 'Connected Energy Foundation'. They wanted to know my electric bill. They wanted me to go solar for no money down. I answered some questions and was told I would be connected to Verengo Solar, but first Connected Energy wanted me to agree to receive automated calls. I was then connected to Verengo. I complained about the call, but Verengo could not identify the caller right then. A manager is supposed to call me back. The CID number is PG&E's line, but it would be spoofed.

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