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Telephone number: +18008520411
(8008520411, 018008520411)

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12 Sep 2021
would love to have these calls stop
19 Aug 2021
I have cp. Plase don't use 951-691-3190 don't call
14 Aug 2021
These idiots keep calling my house every couple months or so. Sometimes the Caller ID says 'ACA' & sometimes it just says '800 Service.' The automated voice on the other end always asks to speak to 'Anthony Williams.' The message then changes from time to time. This last time it said 'Press 1 if you are Anthony Williams. Press 6 if you do not know Anthony Williams. Press 0 to speak to an operator.' So, I pressed 0 to tell these [***] to stop calling & no person by that name lives here. The male on the other end then spoke extremely quickly- something about 'Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll update our records.' Then click. Must be a scam. What legit company doesn't stop calling after numerous attempts to tell them you do not know the person they are calling for?!!?
15 Jul 2021
They called me this morning about 4am. Didn't answer, but I can verify it's this debt collector. 4am, really?
13 Jul 2021
I just received a call from this agency. I missed the call and returned the call. They said that they had no record of my number. The number they had JUST called. The lady was very rude to me and was talking to me like I was two. Scam.
09 Jul 2021
This number keeps calling my cell phone. I looked up the number and it belongs to Aargon Collection Agency. I don't owe anybody anything. I believe this is a SCAM and I don't know what they want. Even though I answered the call, they just say please call this number about an urgent matter. The number is 1-800-852-0411. This is my second reported call though I have received many.
01 Jul 2021
They keep calling for someone named Vanessa (Not Me). I literally have gotten 2-3 calls per week for over a year now!
03 Jun 2021
This is a debt--sold from another collection firm--PASSED 7 yrs. Claims they can put it back on my credit report another 7 yrs if I do not pay. Considering I know this cannot happen--it was never on my credit report to begin with. I gave them the number of my pre-paid attorney. She (gabbie)talks fast--incorrectly pronounces half of what I do understand. She thought I am kidding about the attorney--(i'm NOT!!!!)
28 May 2021
I just now started getting these calls from the 'Argon Collection Agency'. I too called back and got nothing but music. I work two jobs, have a pretty strict schedule, and can't afford to be harrassed by these idiots trying to collect on a non-existent debt. Thanks to this site, I know exactly who to aim my lawyer friends at.
06 May 2021
Thesae people are scumm wait till the revolution then they better be ware they will not like being placed in front of a wall get a wissle when they call then let them have it good . if tose loosers ever had to work for a living they could not why because they are to stupid to do any any thing but a total a hole.

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