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03 Sep 2021
The number belongs to Capital One Credit Card.
31 Aug 2021
This is a scam, It is NOT CapitalOne. CapitalOne would not ask for your account number and you should NEVER give out your account number to anyone.
08 Aug 2021
I stopped making payments to Capital One, because of financial problems, in May. I had never been behind until then. My last payment was in April. I have e-mailed them, written to them explaining the situaiton. They have now called me OVER 1000 times. I never pick up. Sometimes, 'LINDA' leaves a message. They call me up to 10 times a day, even early on a Sunday morning. 1000 times. What a losing company!
07 Aug 2021
They have the worsth customer service
03 Aug 2021
It indeed is the Capital One credit card number. It's on the back of their cards.
19 Jul 2021
They called and do not provide any company name.
11 Jul 2021
09 Jul 2021
It's capital one. DONT GET A CARD FROM THEM. They are in the process of ripping me off. They told me over the phone that we could settle my acount... I made the payments... Now they are denying ever settling and trying to make me pay more money. This company consists of liars.
04 Jul 2021
This is allied interstate collection who answers now for Capital One, they have such prro customer service they do not even answer their own phones. I told them I wanted to pseak directly with Capital One and the lady got nasty with me after talking to her supervisor I finally got connected to Capital One.
29 Jun 2021
Woman Sues Capital One For Debt Collection Harassment After Letter Demanding $286 Million A woman files suit in Philadelphia against Capital One for debt collection harassment, including numerous phone calls to her workplace and letters to her home, escalating into a demand for $286 million. Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) December 13, 2010 A woman saying she was harassed by Capital One for a disputed $4,000 credit card debt has filed suit after the bank demanded more than $ 286 million dollars. Attorney Craig Thor Kimmel of Kimmel and Silverman, P.C., an Ambler-based consumer law firm, has filed the suit on behalf of Patrice Perry in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. (Case ID# 101200540, Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas)According to the complaint, Capital One first demanded Perry pay $3,845 for purchases on a credit card. Perry disputed the debt and turned the letter over to her family lawyer, who wrote Capital One to cease and desist contacting Perry directly. Disregarding the letter, Capital One allegedly stepped up collection efforts, placing more calls to Perry and claiming that it was doing so because the lawyer did not make a substantial settlement offer to resolve the account. Telephone calls were made to her home and workplace, where she alleges, her employer does not allow personal calls.Subsequently, Perry received more letters, each demanding different amounts, some higher than others, all threatening legal action if not paid promptly. The letters failed to state how the varying amounts were calculated or if amounts sought were based upon any contract between Capital One and Perry authorizing such charges. After a second cease and desist letter from the family lawyer was disregarded, Capital One in response sent a letter demanding immediate payment of $286,651,237 from Perry. The letter went on to instruct Perry to mail full payment in the envelope provided. It was at this time that Perry’s family lawyer contacted Kimmel, who assumed representation.The complaint alleges the $286 million demand was so outrageous that it could not be the result of a computer glitch, and that it required human intervention to be sent. Perry alleges the basis for sending it was embarrass, humiliate, intimidate and cause emotional distress, of amounts incapable of being understood. The lawsuit alleges that Capital One was compelled to cease communication upon receipt of the initial letter from her family lawyer and used false, deceptive and misleading communications to collect a debt. Perry further claims that Capital One threatened to report the disputed debt to the credit reporting agencies, which would adversely affect her FICO credit score and unnecessarily make her other creditors insecure.'Harassing calls, disregard for a lawyers written instructions on two occasions, demands for payment of differing and arbitrary amounts and the final letter seeking more than $286 Million, demonstrates serious abuses at the collection office of Capital One.” says Attorney Kimmel. 'From this example we see how a financial terrorist works in today’s economic times and that is by escalating tensions, pushing the person to the limit, and making threats, without regard for civility, accuracy or the legal rights of the individual. No one should ever suffer the indignity and humiliation my client has experienced.'Kimmel advises consumers to be guarded with creditors and debt collectors working for them. He recommends seeking legal advice before paying disputed debts, entering repayment agreements or providing/confirming personal information. Under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act consumers have substantial protection from this type of behavior with the debt collector, who must pay all legal fees of the consumers lawyer”, says Kimmel, 'and most states, like Pennsylvania in this case, offer similar protections from creditor abuse of the type Capital One undertook with Ms. Perry.' For more information regarding consumers’ rights in dealing with debt collection harassment, please visit ... rweb4888464.htm

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