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06 Aug 2021
Well, I just got a call from a male with an indian accent citing 1800-945-2000 as his number, who proceeded to ask for someone with my mother's surname. He proceeded to give me a message for this man, which happened to be F6711C53K03Y4HO13U55This was rather rude, but was amusing enough...
05 Aug 2021
It is a scammer really calling from 407-999-8888 but you already know that don't you
03 Aug 2021
Rose,I just received a call from the same caller. I have reported to my bank. I found it interesting when they called they didn't even know my name. They called me Rose. When I advised them I wasn't Rose,they began back peddling. It does concern me that they have my address and my home ph#(which Ipay for an unlisted #!) ****I CONFIRMED WITH MY BANK THAT THIS IS A FRAUD SCHEME****
30 May 2021
26 May 2021
Declined because users reported that it was spam and telephone sales
25 May 2021
Some nut called me tonight and the phone said 'No Name. No Number.' The guy, Rafael, proceeded to start yapping about how one of my credit cards wants to offer me a lower rate of interest. I asked which card and he couldn't tell me. I asked what card number and he couldn't tell me.I think this is a scam FOR SURE and I'll tell you exactly why. NONE of my creditors have my home phone number. All they have is my cell as the home one is used for business, not personal use. I told him that at which point he was speechless. Again, NO creditor has my home phone number and it's actually in my dog's name. But scammers know how to get your real name. I know that cuz' I know how to do it myself.THIS IS A SCAM! I've no doubt. I've already called my credit card companies and they told me the same.
25 May 2021
hi i am a customer service representative from Chase (credit cards) and yes we never ask for personal information over the phone , whenever we contact you we will mention your first and your last name and also the last four numbers of your credit card. if none of this exist its not a call from us. just sme good to knw info which i thot is worth sharing and might be helpful. also if you find any such activities or mails .. you can forward it to [email protected] .. and you guys have a nice day .. :)
22 May 2021
This came as a computer generated phone call. I selected an option from the menu as was transfered to a call center. They were unable to identify who the company was saying first they worked for sears credit and then that it was master card and visa. Finally, they said they were with Experion Credit Bureau. When I asked to talk with a supervisor, they said he was at breakfast (this was 3:30 PM) but insisted they were in florida. I asked for a phone number to call the supervisor and first he gave me 090078601. When I told him that was not a valid number he asked how I knew that. He finally gave me 800-945-2000 as the number for his supervisor. I figured it would be fun to play with him a bit and keeping him on the phone would just cost his company more money by wasting his time. After a while, he indicated that by selecting an option from the menu, I had been transferred to a 900 number and was now going to be charged for the call. I did assure him that I would not be paying and once he hung up, I called Fairpoint to report the call. Fairpoint assured me that because I had reported it that they would reverse any charges relating to the call. They did say that they would not be able to see the charges until the company billed them so I'd have to wait till it showed up on my bill. Once it did show, they would take care of it. So, be sure you call the phone company as soon as you hang up from the call to register your complaint and establish a basis on which the phone company can give you credit for any charges. Wish there was a way to catch these guys...
28 Apr 2021
I received a call from 739-000-8262 from 'Card services' from a recording that said if I wanted to lower my interest rates press 9. When I did, a woman came on the line and said she was the negotiator for VISA and Mastercard, did I have a valid account that I would like to lower my interest rate. When I became suspicious she put me on the line with 'Travis' her supervisor. I told him that if I wanted to go through this process I would be more comfortable initiating the call. At that point I asked him for his number and he told me it was 800-945-2000 and then he hung up on me.
28 Apr 2021
Tired of spam

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