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08 Sep 2021
About two months ago, received a bill collection notice -- for unpaid Emergency Room services -- from P.O. Box 189053, Plantation, Florida 33318-9053. The Emergency Room had hired HRRG [Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group LLC] to collect the unpaid debt. I called (800) 984-9115 to ask them a question. Their answer to my question was not at all helpful. I received several additional bill collection notices from Plantation, Florida.About three weeks ago, I received the following message on my telephone answering machine: 'Please return our call at 1 (800) 984-9115. We appreciate your cooperation. Our number again is 1 (800) 984-9115. Thank you.' The Caller ID entry was 'TOLL FREE CALL, (800) 984-9115.'I called (800) 984-9115 from a pay telephone since I did not know who had called me and so that they would not be able to tell who I was. The person who picked up the phone would not tell me who they are unless I would give them my telephone number. I refused to give them my telephone number; he refused to tell me who they are.I have since paid the unpaid bill; I have not heard from 1 (800) 984-9115 since.
02 Aug 2021
DO NOT EVER CONTACT A COLLECTION AGENCY. They are not choosy to whom they hire and your information is not secure, to say the least. Ex convicts are there main source of personnel. No back ground checks are made. One may show up in your house!!!
16 Jul 2021
These people call numerous times without leaving a message. I have picked up the phone twice and gotten nothing. I picked up today and was told that it was a collection agency for an ER physician's bill from about a year and four months ago. I asked the lady why they had not sent me a bill by mail or requested insurance information from me, or gotten it from the hospital where I was seen who have received payment for their part. She proceeded to yell at me about how the bill was more than two years old (and it's not), and that I needed to just pay the bill because insurance would not anymore (and they will, if I settle it quickly). I asked to speak with her supervisor, she told me a supervisor would have to call me back and continued barking at me. So I hung up and am going to settle things with the physician...someone more intelligent.
04 Jul 2021
I have been receiving calls from 800-984-9115 about a woman named Shauna Nixon. I have told TEN, yes TEN, different people to take my number off of the calling list. They called again today, 10-29, and I chewed on the guy on the other end. His reply? 'we have never called this number before and have never received a request for your number to be removed.' [***]! These people will NOT leave me alone. This is horrbile!
30 Jun 2021
I was under an ER drs care at the end of last year and had no job or insurance at the time. I have been trying to make arrangements with a different company to get assistance in paying the bills due to the ER visit. This company continue to call and send mail to me even after I mentioned that I'm trying to get assistance to pay the bills. They require various information about how I 'survived' without having a job when I was in the ER that seems kinda extreme and breaching my personal privacy. The paperwork they require to prove I was able to manange without a job does not offer a fax number to send any paperwork to, leaving me waiting to see if the letters keep coming (they have) and no immediate way to get them any information.
24 Jun 2021
Keep getting calls from this number and it says HRRJ. Have no idea who this is????
22 Jun 2021
Jodie, I think you and I talked to the same person. The lady I talked to barely spoke proper English and refused to help when I asked what it was for. She was rude to me and going way overboard and I told her very politely 'nevermind'. I then called back and asked to speak to a supervisor in which I got the response: 'Give me your # and I will have them call you back'... Still haven't heard from them. I think I'll handle it with the hospital as well (if it's valid), just hope it doesn't show up on my credit report.
11 Jun 2021
I keep getting calls from HRRG, they leave a message saying they look forward to helping me. I called back and found out they are a collection agency, for an unpaid emergency room bill. It is my bill, and the first time I spoke with a female in their office, I explained to her that I am under physician's care and unable to work. I told her I could not make an arrangement at the time. She was yelling at me that it's my responsibility to pay my bills. I kept telling her I can't pay now, and she kept barking at me and even called me names. I finally agreed to pay them $20 a month, even though I knew I couldn't afford it. I never sent in a payment, and they keep calling, several times a day. I called them today and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told that they needed to take my name and number and have a sup call me back. I have asked them numerous times not to call me anymore. I worked as a debt collector in the legal dept for a large third party collector. I know the FDCPA guidelines and not once has anyone at that office given me the mini miranda....'this is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for the purpose of collecting the debt.' This is required by law by the FTC. They are breaking federal law and I'm going to do something about it. I went to see my attorney today, and I'm filing suit against them.
10 Jun 2021
Kept getting calls from 1-800-984-9115, leaving messages on answering machine. We want to help you please call. Called the number asked who they were, did not really get an answer. They wanted my number, which I gave it to them. They were trying to get in touch with a man that lived at my address 4 years ago. Do not know why they called me. They said they would remove from their accounts. We shall see.
03 Jun 2021
I received a call from this number but did not answer. I just like Bob in his posting, got a bill in the mail for unpaid emergency room services for my daughter. I called and asked what emergency room the bill was with. I called the hospital and spoke with someone in business administration and got it cleared up. I had not taken my daughter to any emergency room in over 4 years and not to that hospital. It seems that another girl with the same name was mixed up with her. From what I gathered by speaking with the hospital, collection agencies don't have all the info on the people given them so they apparently research the name and get people mixed up.

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