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Telephone number: +18332590342
(8332590342, 018332590342)

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06 Sep 2021
I got the same bogus text saying “ View your receipt from Dollar Giant plus: https” It is a scam! I think the person who left previous post might be in on it.
14 Aug 2021
This is square sending receipts from their card reader. They moved to a toll-free number instead of short code
13 Jul 2021
Actually this is a valid number that sent a receipt. I was not aware of the number.
24 Jun 2021
I got a text from this number - it was a receipt for $700 to a company called square up but the charging company is ACFV. I didn't authorize a charge in this amount and have tried to contact the company but seems to be a run around. I contacted my bank but they don't see a charge in this amount pending - Assuming I'm safe for the moment but what the hell is this??!!
01 Jun 2021
08 May 2021
01 May 2021
ok to answer this number
27 Apr 2021
was informed it's a phishing number
26 Apr 2021
Said I had a receipt to view
26 Apr 2021
Hubby got this same number texting him with different “receipts” and another cell number with more “receipts” had him block them

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USA Telephone called by: +18332590342

USA: +18332590342 | 8332590342

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