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Telephone number: +18339652168
(8339652168, 018339652168)

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20 Apr 2021
I was expecting a call from my mail order soI called back. A woman answered and sounded angry and talked fast. I asked her again she said legal firm and she was looking for my husband. She said he had an unpaid credit card bill that was about ready to have legal action taken and he wasn’t returning his calls. They are trying to serve a warrant. My husband sells parts to the sheriff and police department so they know him. I asked her if this was a scam and that mad her even madder. She has also called are son and daughter. We were part of the Verizon leak so it might have to do with that since she has called all those numbers. Beware he does not owe this. Look up what it says about area code 833 sometimes it actually charges the person who answer the phone and not the caller! I hope this helps.
10 Apr 2021
debt collector looking for ex wife
29 Mar 2021
scam crap trying to fish information. says they have tried to deliver a letter several times
27 Mar 2021
Came up at JPMorgan Chase on cellular caller Id and as “potential scammer” on my phone line. They have called repeatedly even though both numbers are on “do not call” registry. Finally left cell message stating my address had expired and yada yada I can go to jail. JPMorgan Chase sold our mortgage more than a year ago so I blocked the number and 3 of its variants so far.
22 Feb 2021
Threatening to put me in jail if I didn't pay this outrageous amount of money. Over $10,000 for something that I never heard of
19 Feb 2021
14 Feb 2021
Called me and left threatening voice mail regrading a supposed debt owed by my husband. I called back and informed them of the numerous federal laws that they broke on the voice mail left on my phone. The guy laughed and ticked me off so I let him have it and he proceeds to tell me that I assumed my husbands debt since we are married but would not tell me what said debt was and that I need to go home and “pop a Xanax” and calm down. I told him he would be hearing from my attorney and he laughed and said “you can’t afford your bill so I know you can’t afford an attorney.” The name left on my voice mail was Joshua Hyde. I listened to his voice for 50 second and called back the number and the SAME guy answered and said his name was Anthony. When I called him out for being a liar he hung up on me. I called back and got a lady named Page who transferred me back to “Anthony” who proceeds to laugh and mock me. He stated he would be showing up at my house tomorrow between 3-5 and if my husband wasn’t there with his ID that he would be going to our property manager and “filing them in” and delivering a court summons. First of all, no one is going to call and warn you of a summons. They will just show up and deliver it. I no-so-politely informed “Mr. Anthony” that he had better not show up to my house and his response was “or what?” I informed him that he would be escorted off the property and he just laughed. I wish this guy would show up to my house. He won’t like what he finds. I will not be nice and he will be escorted off my property one way or another. And by the way, the address is gave is not an address that myself or my husband have ever heard of. I got home and had my husband call them back from his phone. When “Page” answered, he asked her to repeat what company she said they were and she immediately hung up on him. Be careful of these ****.

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