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Telephone number: +18339778287
(8339778287, 018339778287)

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30 Apr 2021
It is legitimately from Statistics Canada - when I expressed concern, they gave me the option to fill out the survey online (they gave me an access code and it worked on the StatsCan website).
19 Apr 2021
Survey from Stats Can
15 Apr 2021
A representative for Statistics Canada called about a mandatory survey.
08 Apr 2021
Statistics Canada doing a routine survey. You can check the legitimacy of the number on their website:
07 Apr 2021
a lady called me asking my address, I asked how's calling, she says from stat canada(which i think true stat canada should identity themselves at begining), and ask if I lived in my old address, I said no, then she asking for my name, which is very strange, shouldn't stat canada know my name? she said they only have address, but how come she has my number? So i said I'm not comfortable to tell her my name, so she said sorry and hang up, without telling me what's this call for. Everything is too strange.I saw people common here that they've called stat canada and confirmed it's true. I don't know who they are, I think if you think this call matters, to be safe, you should call stat canada official number, and check with them by yourself.
24 Mar 2021
CONFIRMED LEGIT: I received a message with Reference and Case ID numbers and this number to call back. I first called the main Statistics Canada number as shown on their official website (Toll-free: 1-800-263-1136) and asked them to verify the phone and reference numbers from the message. It was confirmed as a legitimate call by Stats Can themselves.
22 Mar 2021
Go to the statecan government webpage link is below ???? on that link or copy and past into your browser and then scroll down that page approx half way. There are several numbers listed and one says 'Survey participation inquiries1-833-977-8287National TTY line: 1-866-753-7083'This proves that this number in fact Statistics Canada calling about a survey they want you to participate in.
19 Mar 2021
Survey tied to a specific address. Since the address they gave me didn't match my address, they apologized and said I couldn't take the survey. Everything was legit, they didn't ask for anything.
17 Mar 2021
Looks like I'll be isolating for a couple of weeks!
14 Mar 2021
He called to speak to our CEO, we screen calls so that CEO doesn't get spam calls. Caller said he's from Specifics Canada and wanted information about the building. He left a message with Reference and Case ID number. Not sure if it is a legit call yet, sounded spammy.

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