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26 Aug 2021
If you had a card with barclaycard, mercury just bought out all their high risk debt for 4 cents on the dollar, which is really a good price. I bought 18 million in debt for $1,000, and they had to issue new cards that needed activation. Never give out your ssn through a text. But if you had a card from barclaycard, you should go to the mercury card website and check the status, they expect your billing cycle to be what they say so they can get more money. If you never had a card from barclaycard, send your text and any records of calls to mercury card, it’s their responsibility to keep information safe and they can put this person out of business.
25 Aug 2021
I spoke with a gentleman on Monday regarding my past due account (by 2 weeks). I told him I would make my payment on Friday. He wanted me to pay over the phone I told him 3 times I would make my payment on Friday. It's now Wednesday (2 days later)and I have received 11 phone calls. Will be cancelling this account as soon as it's paid!
09 Aug 2021
Got a Text message saying This is Bill Andrews with an urgent message Your Barclaycard is now Mercury Master Card and my payment is late and my credit score is at risk. Make Must make payment directly at SMS/Text Message came from a short # : 78787Then the link takes you to a site where they ask you to enter Your Name Credit card # and asks you to enter your SSN to Activate the CardHow the Heck can I have a card which is NOT Activated and Already is Flagged as a Late Payment??Glad that there is this site 800notes.Com to help others watch out for these Scam Artists!
22 Jun 2021
Most of the time when you answer from this number they just hang up but in the rare instance they do pick up they want to speak to whoever the cardholder is. I just tell them I'm Sheck Wes and hang up lol
15 Jun 2021
Barclay/Mercury card company just called a DoD phone number! No one there when answered. Now why would a gov't number be connected to a credit card? Seriously!!
31 May 2021
This number is calling all hrs of the day. I'd like this to stop.
29 May 2021
Barclay / Mercury cards. Nothing short of harassment from these clowns. No one ever answers when you pick up and say hello, they just hang up. There's some excellent customer service for you.
22 May 2021
So you own this 'mercury'? Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I'm not sure that you will like what happens next though.
29 Apr 2021
don't answer
28 Apr 2021
I'm not sure, didn't answer, but following the other reviews and blocking #

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