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Telephone number: +18772538964
(8772538964, 018772538964)

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10 Oct 2021
I used prompts to speak with a person.
12 Sep 2021
It's NOT a fake company trying to rip you off. It's LEGIT.Fraud Detection Center 877-253-8964They called me to verify if I made a purchased $500 worth of merchandise in NIGERIA which I answered NO.They don't ask any private information and are very polite and professional.You can have more information about them at this bank's website:
10 Sep 2021
Had a call from this number this morning. I thought it might be an elaborate phishing attempt and terminated the call, but checked out bank account and there was an irregular 'pre-authorized transaction' on my wife's card. They called again and left a message, so yes, it seems it is legit. We cancelled the card...for the 2nd time this year...grrr!
31 Aug 2021
This is a legitimate company. They called and left a message, and I returned the call - which was the same number that they called from.This is a fraud detection company that works with our bank. There were a couple of charges they questioned, and one was found to be fraudulent. At that point they said I needed to contact the bank to proceed, which I did. The bank already had all the info from this company.
29 Aug 2021
Called them back and they said they were a fraud detection company for my bank. He gave me the company's name as CNS eNFACT. Tried to do a reverse search on the number with no result other than it's 'in use'. Called my bank and they don't have a specific name for their fraud detection company other than a tele # 1-866-750-9102 but you need a transaction/case # which I don't have because I missed the recorded message. Guess I'll just have to wait till the bank's next business day which, of course, is a Monday
21 Aug 2021
This is a legitimate bank fraud detection company used by many of the banks. They've been more than helpful to me when I had my debit card jacked. They called me when the charges were made and put a hold on the card.
16 Aug 2021
It is a legit call. I called them back and detected fraud. got it cleared up. No they didn't ask for ss# or any of that. Just my zip code. Banks outsource to these companies for risk management as they call it. No worries!
25 Jul 2021
After reading all the comments for this number on this site, I am not sure what to think. I made a credit card purchase last Friday and had MY Bank call me on Saturday questioning several transactions, including the legitimate one I made the day before and several others which were fraudulent. On Monday I had a phone message at my work number to call this number back with a given case number. I do not give out my work number to credit card companies. This situation appears to me to be a phishing scam to verify identity theft info - so I did not return the call.
08 Jul 2021
I think you are right. This is not a legit. It appears that calls are being made on fridays and the weekend.Anyone receiving such calls should NOT give them any info no matter what they say. Hang up and CALL YOUR BANK
03 Jul 2021
Received a voicemail from this company stating that there was a hold on my bank account due to a fraud alert and asking me to call back referencing a case number. I checked my account online and called my credit union's local customer service number. There was a in fact a hold on my account due to purchase I recently made. The bank representative was able to lift the account hold and close the case. It appears this is a legitimate phone number and caller.

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