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Telephone number: +18774104634
(8774104634, 018774104634)

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15 Sep 2021
Called me and hung up when I answered. This is not the way to please your customers.
13 Aug 2021
This number called me, and when I picked up all I got were modem/fax noises :)
01 Aug 2021
The name came up as 'unavailable.' Now that everybody has caller ID and has a choice of whether to answer, do they really think we will pick up?
28 Jul 2021
Does anybody really answer calls that are unidentifiable...uh...lets think about this...NNOOO!!! Leave a message.....better yet, STOP CALLING!!
21 Jul 2021
Called number...Direct TV and 'all representatives are busy'
19 Jul 2021
number calls me every day and im working cant answer the phone. My bill is fine, I dont know why they keep calling me. please stop calling
11 Jul 2021
Try calling the customer service number on the website and tell them to be put on the 'no promotional calls' list--I hope that helps!
30 Jun 2021
Got a call from this number, they didn't leave a message
24 Jun 2021
Repeated calls weekly. Direct TV selling some additional service. Going ot cancel service next call. More ignorant sales programs.
20 Jun 2021
Robocall telemarketing from DirecTV - a real nuisance to their customers!!

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USA Telephone called by: +18774104634

USA: +18774104634 | 8774104634

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