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Telephone number: +18774104634
(8774104634, 018774104634)

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17 Dec 2021
It is important because they tape your voice and can use 'yes' to access information at other sites. The recording will have your 'voice'.
16 Dec 2021
Thank you to the do not call registry!!!!!!!!!
06 Dec 2021
They call a numerous times a day, even on Sundays. It's 10:53am and I have received 3 calls from them!!!
05 Dec 2021
i got a whistle and a air horn for the next time they call.
22 Nov 2021
Wants to sell added services to direct tv. Doubt it is legit.
18 Nov 2021
They call five six times a day. I answered one time an realized later it was same scam that I got bout this time last year. Its not direct tv like they say.
14 Nov 2021
I'm recovering from a major heart attack: a widow maker, and triple by-pass. DirectTV is calling every fifteen minutes , a few times a day, every day! They will not make more money by harassing people.
10 Nov 2021
If I didn't know any better, whoever this is has this information, at least.You subscribe to DirecTVYour name/addYour phone number(Because they are asking for your card pin) _Could_ also have your CC #, but _not_ the pin.It's a good indication someone's customer database MAY have been compromised.
07 Nov 2021
416-898-2980 <-- THIS IS THE SCAMMER, did much scams. Calll it back, real people answer. Phone to get your $$ back, scream at scammers, etc.416 898 2980 | 416.898.2980
05 Nov 2021
Install the app called 'Should I Answer' on your cell phones. If s number has been reported as spam (liker this one) your phone will never even ring. I was checking my SIA call logs and saw where they were trying to call me 3-5 times per day, but I never have to mess with them (or any other numbers ID'd as spam) because the app blocks the call completely. And when you get a spam call from a new number, you can flag it in the app to save others from dealing with them.

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Area Code: +1877 - 4104634 USA Telephone called by: +18774104634

USA: +18774104634 | 8774104634

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