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Telephone number: +18779364336
(8779364336, 018779364336)

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30 Oct 2021
I had not contacted them when they called @ 1829.
11 Sep 2021
These people called my work and I don't know what they want. I will report them too.
17 Aug 2021
Don't you EVER call my place of Employment AGAIN!!! So unprofessional!!! I did not GIVE YOU or your company permission to contact me there. If I am interested in your services, I will contact you. You are constantly calling my cell phone and I am not answering because I am NOT INTERESTED. So why do you fell you have a right to contact my place of employment to solicit your services??? This is unethical, RUDE AND JUST PLAIN STUPID! DO NOT EVER CALL MY PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 Aug 2021
If you believe this is fraudulent then it'd be a good idea to close out any existing accounts and get new account numbers. Never pay any debt collector anything unles sthey have sent you a debt validation letter by US mail. E-mail no good.
30 Jul 2021
Claimed to be MCI asking for one of our employees who's never done business with them. Left this number for callback. Refused to leave any message.
21 Jul 2021
This company gave my mother a loan of $200 and started withdrawing $150 out of her account every other week instead of every month then they took it on their own to boost up the price instead of the original amount to pay every month of 135.01 they took's a robbery !!!!!! no matter if you loan a person 200 and u been taking 300 a month for over 4 months why do u think its right to call and talk about a settlement of 175.00... They call from a Texas number now-1-512-362-6944'also 1-509-331-5555- Othello, WA
10 Jul 2021
I have no idea who this stupid company is. I think they are one of those cash lending companies and they have NO RIGHT soliciting people for business. They called my work and said they are MCI. I have never done business with MCI and I do not think they are MCI. I will call them and demand they stop calling..
29 Jun 2021
They are MaxLend, a short term payday lender, a legitimate company. Unfortunately, I've had to use their services in the past. The only problem I have with them is that I can't get rid of them! Ever since I paid off my last loan, they've called me at least 3 times a week on my home phone, my cell phone, and at work. Every time, they say the same thing - you're on our VIP list, do you want to apply for another loan? I always tell them, 'No, thank you. If I need you, I know where to find you. Please stop calling me.' And they KEEP CALLING!! They are really getting on my nerves!! (Web site maintenance: Please include a call type of 'legitimate business' or something like that. Thanks!)
21 Jun 2021
Call blocker might help.
15 Jun 2021
I have this phone number call me over 40 times in a day between three phone numbers .. 877-936-4336. I want it to stop calling me.. Claims to be MCI

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USA: +18779364336 | 8779364336

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