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Telephone number: +441928639334
(01928639334, 00441928639334)

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15 Apr 2021
XXXX aggressive call centre worker supposedly calling about life insurance. He returned the call twice after I hung up, Once from a completely different number and then from an unidentified number.
03 Apr 2021
Not sure what company this is, But voice message was left but person only said hello
27 Mar 2021
Claim to be reviewing everyone's life insurance alongside the main companies. When I said I wasn't sure what my premium was, He sighed and put the phone down!
18 Mar 2021
Called me to say my life insurance had run out... Then followed up by asking if i had life insurance and who with (!) I was too busy to think clearly but it sounded dodgy so asked them to call back later. They've called me everyday since to try and talk but start with the same thing- obviously a scam on reflection.
16 Mar 2021
No one there
15 Mar 2021
Purported call stating you've tried to call them. Has vague personal details. Wants more personal details From you. Disabled your g
03 Mar 2021
Life insurance comparison call. Rang twice of 2 different numbers based in 2 different locations of the UK. Caller had a South African accent.
26 Feb 2021
Insurance scam - numerous calls to my mobile asking for my partner by first name but quoting my insurance companies, Obviously have obtained bits of personal info, Also same voice and background noise called from a 01989 number
30 Jan 2021
Very very aggressive realised it was a life insurance scam and hung up only to be rang back from a different number by the same person shouting at me for hanging up! It's my perogative love, Just like its yours to cold call me üôÑ
16 Jan 2021
Same story.... Unwanted, Aggressive, Repeat calling. Clearly enjoyed the ‘game'

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Area Code: +441928 - 639334 Runcorn, United Kingdom Telephone called by: +441928639334

Runcorn, United Kingdom: +441928639334 | 01928639334

Area code:
Local Time:
Local Timezone:
Cities using +441928 :
  • Runcorn
  • Frodsham
  • Helsby
  • Kingsley
  • Manley
  • Manor Park
  • Runcorn.

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Exit Code:
ISO Codes:
Total Population:
Local Time:

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