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Telephone number: +442920858765
(02920858765, 00442920858765)

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17 Jan 2022
Just had a call from this number. Aggressive lady asked me to go through security,They said they were “link”.I said that meant nothing to me.They said they couldn’t share anymore with security, so we read a dead end?they said they will write to me, how do they know where to write?Grrrrrrr
09 Jan 2022
This is a loan company called link and they are chasing up non payments of a loan that has been handed to them to chase for payment does not mean the loan is with them as they buy loans that have a default on them and can be up to 7 yes old
23 Nov 2021
We have only had our phone number for 6 weeks but have had at least six messages from these people. Today I actually spoke with them and said I was fed up with receiving phone calls asking for a Michael Lazarus. They said they would remove the number from the list and apologised, so whatch this space.
05 Nov 2021
called today from this number i missed the call but on the answer machine first part of the name who was calling was missing and only got link and another number to call i don't know these people so i never followed up. But i now remember i was called a week or so ago from this number and same again.
03 Jul 2021
Since May, this year, I've been receiving phone calls from foreign numbers (British numbers).
05 Jun 2021
Phone every day. Don’t leave message. I never answer as they’ll be trying to sell me something I don’t want.
21 May 2021
Phoned Sunday afternoon whilst having late dinner annoying,I've had a few times but never answered, don't know why they are calling,how they got my number but now blocked it.
15 May 2021
I have blocked this number but they keep leaving messages on my voicemail. To be honest I don't know who they are or why they keep calling or where they got my cell number from.
17 Apr 2021
Say they are a company called link financial they try and ask you security questions but wont say what for
01 Apr 2021
Left a message telling me to contact kurn (don't know spelling) solicitors. Blocked number as have had to deal with cold calling debt collectors who try to scare victims into paying for debts nothing to do with them. Parasites

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Area Code: +4429 - 20858765 Cardiff, United Kingdom Telephone called by: +442920858765

Cardiff, United Kingdom: +442920858765 | 02920858765

Area code:
Local Time:
Local Timezone:
Cities using +4429 :
  • Cardiff
  • Caerphilly
  • Dinas Powys
  • Penarth
  • Radyr
  • Bedwas
  • Caerphilly
  • Cardiff
  • Cardiff Bay
  • Culverhouse Cross
  • Dinas Powys
  • Llandaff
  • Llanedeyrn
  • Llanishen
  • Llanrumney
  • Penarth
  • Pentyrch
  • Radyr
  • Roath
  • Senghenydd
  • Sully
  • Taffs Well
  • Whitchurch.

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Local Time:

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