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Telephone number: +443332004455
(03332004455, 00443332004455)

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19 May 2021
Called me at 11. 37 am today. I always leave my answerphone on. They let my recorded message run and then put their phone down. For a moment, I could hear their background noises, As if in an office or busy environment. Classified as a silent nuisance call in my book, Which can only be a scam.
17 May 2021
Left a big call centre conversation on my mobile twice. I have already refused a smart meter and told then to remove my details from their list
16 May 2021
16 May 2021
No comment when call is answered then phone goes down
14 May 2021
Calling from the smart meter team, Asked for me by name, Just hung up. Have called three times today. Blocked number
13 May 2021
Keep calling my number telling me I have to have a Smart Meter fitted. I explained that the meters are not within my flat but are over 20 meters away. They hung up straight afterwards.
13 May 2021
I phoned British Gas customer services who were able to confirm that it is from British Gas regarding installation of a smart meter. You are not obliged to have one it is voluntary
12 May 2021
British Gas trying to force taking up one of the Smart Meters - you don't need to have one as they save you ZERO money. Person who rang wouldn't take no and wanted to know my exact reason why not. Had to hang up on them. They'd rang 4 times this week.
03 May 2021
Nuisance call
02 May 2021
Called my office direct dial claiming to be from British Gas asking for Mr / Mrs Sanders offering a free smart metre.

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