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24 May 2021
Same as previous comment. Scammer has cloned a Nationwide phone number. Highly recommend getting in touch with Nationwide and activating their security team.
18 May 2021
This number has just tried me three times on my mobile. The 3rd time it said NO ID Caller
16 May 2021
Was quite pushy for card details, In order to initiate conversation regarding fraudulent activity on my account (don't even have a nationwide account) He was well spoken, Knew my full name and address. I asked him to confirm that this was a bank asking me for bank details over the phone, Despite all banks having a policy of never doing this. He said he didn't want bank details, Just the card details. Durrrrr jog on Mr XXXXXX.
06 May 2021
Scam call from Nationwide. Claiming suspicious activity on my account/ two transactions this morning. Tried to get personal information and online customer number. Very well spoken girl who claimed I could check the number she rang from was legitimate. Seems they can mask the real Nationwide number. Nasty business
03 May 2021
Scammers reported nationwide have reported that the frame of the recall announcement has been copped by scammers and the person calling is a male with perfect spoken English and sounds like they are real calling from their fraud Department.. HANG UP AND CALL NATIONWIDE AND THEY CAN TELL IF IT WAS THEM OR NOT DO NOT CALL BACK ON THE NUMBER THEY CALLED YOU ON AS THIS MAY BE A HIGH RATE NUMBERS
02 May 2021
Very convincing scammer pretending to be from nationwide fraud dept. Had me in tears thinking someone has accessed my account and kept me on the phone 52 mins pretending that he was helping me secure my accounts, Few pennies dropped and I realised it was a scam and he hung up when I said I transferred all my money out of my account to my dads account to keep safe. He then asked me to tell my dad to trf the money to my new account and I knew then... If that was the bank they would have been able
01 May 2021
Scammed me 32 pounds claiming to be argos card services
22 Apr 2021
This is a Nationwide number BUT they phoned me from it (cloned the number) so when I suggested it may be a scam they asked me to google the number. They said my account had been cloned and they needed to transfer to a new account. When I suggested I call them back to see if it was genuine they said I'd be on hold for hours and that if I didn't comply I'd be liable for any money that had been 'stolen'. Obviously a scam but called Nationwide (was on hold for 5 minutes) to put my mind at rest. You
13 Apr 2021
Scam call claiming my card had suspicious activity and that he had frozen it. Told them to ring me back after work at 4, Searched up number and found this thread, Blocked number immediately
10 Apr 2021
Please don’t fall for this scam!! I had my card cloned, Sorted it with nationwide however this number phoned told me I’d have to change sort code and account number, Something didn’t sit right so I phoned nationwide they said it definitely wasn’t them that phoned me. 0345 number rang again today to transfer my money across, I told him that he’d given me an old email address that I don’t use and nationwide had the up to date one.. He soon hung up the phone!! Very convincing scammers please don’t

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