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How to use Google for Reverse Phone Number Lookup (2024).

We are all familiar with the situation where we receive a call from an unknown phone number. Chances are it is a wrong number dialed, a scammer or an annoying call center, but what if it isn't? The person calling can be anyone: your boss, colleague, or a friend whose phone number you have not saved in your contacts.

Instead of thinking long and hard about who called you and / or worrying that you missed an important call, you can also find out the person behind the phone number. You then decide whether you want to call back or not.

Finding the caller's name and even the address is a lot easier and cheaper when it comes to a landline number. Yet it is also possible to retrieve information from mobile phone numbers, it is just a bit more difficult.

Fortunately, the internet today offers many tools for reverse phone number search. Google's search engine is without a doubt the best free resource for finding a phone number. But first…

As the name suggests, reverse phone number search is one way to find out the owner of the phone number. It does not matter whether it is a fixed or mobile phone number. Usually you will also get an address and a name of the person to whom the number belongs.

The easiest and best way to do the reverse phone number search is to simply type the number in the search engine. The most popular search engine, Google, used to have its own advanced telephone book with an infinite number of telephone numbers. However, after Google received numerous complaints and requests for number removal from the online directory, the company decided to close their advanced directory in November 2010.

Fortunately, you can still look up a phone number upside down in Google for free, but it's just a bit more of a challenge. Nowadays, there are also other free ways to reverse phone number search, such as various websites and services, as well as social media.

One thing to remember is that you should never pay for the reverse number search of a phone number. All the information you need can be found on the internet for free. Still, you will come across websites that charge money for this type of information. Don't let this fool you, as these sites have access to exactly the same data that you can find elsewhere on the web for free.

Keep in mind that if you can't find out information about the owner of a phone number, they can't, even if you pay them!

Collecting over trillions of pages on the internet makes Google the best tool for free reverse phone number search. Now that you know this, the question remains: how can you find a telephone number for free with Google?

It is very simple if you follow the following simple steps:

  • Search by number by typing in the Google search field the phone number with area code and the digits separated by a short dash (for example: (020) 555-6789).
  • Hit enter or click Google Search to view the results. If you are lucky, the owner has used the number somewhere on the internet and you can find traces on forums and other websites. This makes it easy to find out who the owner is.
  • If you don't get what you are looking for, try writing the phone number differently, for example without the area code in brackets or without dashes. Certain websites store phone numbers in different ways, so don't skip this step. Try different combinations to avoid missing out on valuable information.

Screenshot of Chrome web browser with phone number in the search field

Fig.2 - Screenshot of Chrome web browser with name and zip in the search field

Usually the first search results with Google are the websites of telephone directories. Previously, Google's phone directory was the best way to search for phone numbers, but since they changed this option, the other online directories are your best bet.

Either way, the number that called you could belong to:

  • A company
  • A private house number (a fixed number)
  • One person (a mobile number).

If the phone number is actually linked to a business, then you're in luck as it will likely show up in the first search results. Companies must and want to be found, so when searching for a company number in reverse, you almost always get the name and address of the company.

When the phone number belongs to a household, you get the name of the owner, but the home address is not displayed. Searching for the owner of a landline telephone number is quite easy, provided the number is linked to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). This means that the landlines are listed in telephone company directories, as opposed to mobile numbers.

If someone called you on a cell phone, it will be more difficult to find information about the caller. However, when the person has posted their number on social media, company page or anywhere else on the internet, that information can be easily found through a Google search. Regardless of how much time has passed since it was posted.

Since there is no central database for cell phone numbers, you have to browse the internet a bit. Alternative search engines can help you with this as useful resources for finding a person behind a particular mobile number.

In case you didn't know, there are tons of niche search engines out there. Of course, Google is a great search engine for most searches. Still, there are situations when Google cannot help you with your search, from that point on, niche search engines can come in handy.

The reverse mobile number search is undoubtedly one of those situations. At times like that you will see how useful search engines are that focus especially on people. They only look for and find out information that has to do with people, which of course includes mobile phone numbers nowadays. Conversely, to look up a mobile phone number in these search engines, just type in the phone number or name of the person (if you know them). To refine your search and find even more relevant information, put quotation marks around the name. Another smart, but relatively successful way to find a mobile number is to Google a username. Most people use the same username on multiple platforms. If the person you're looking for has entered their phone number along with their username, it will show up in the Google search.

In situations where you know a person's name, you can use Google to search for a phone number or an address for free. You can do this by typing the person's name and surname along with the zip code in the Google search bar. Let's say you need Peter Maarssen's phone number. Then type '' Peter Maarssen 1040HD '' in the search bar and then press Enter.

It is quite possible that this search will return a phone number, an address, and Google Map directions to the person's home. This is only possible if the person whose number you are looking for has made their address publicly available.

Screenshot of Chrome web browser with name and zip in the search field

Fig.2 - Screenshot of Chrome web browser with name and zip in the search field

The fact that Google no longer has a public phonebook entry does not mean that you can no longer request removal of your data from the address book.

Visit the Google Legal Removal Requests page, click Submit a Legal Request at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions to have your information removed.

Deleting your personal information from Google's address book does not mean that you have deleted it from all over the internet. It is still possible that your address is visible on other pages.

Google may be powerful, but there are situations where you need to consult a number of other sources to find out who the person is behind the number that called you.

You will find that social media and numerous free tools and websites can be quite useful for this.

Until recently, Facebook was also a great place for free reverse search. Where Google couldn't help you find the owner of a phone number, Facebook often could.

Unfortunately, Facebook closed this option after the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Still, it's still worth knowing how this feature worked at the time. If a phone number was associated with a person's Facebook profile, you would see it in the initial search results when you entered the number. Surprisingly, it was even possible to track someone through a phone number, even if you weren't a Facebook friend or the number was hidden.

The ability to look up people by phone number was turned on by default. However, many people were not aware of this.

Of course, this feature wasn't flawless and didn't always work, such as in situations when people turned it off or when they had a new number that they never updated on their Facebook account.

If all other attempts to determine the owner of a phone number fail, you can use a dedicated phone number tracking service as a last resort. The good news is that these are usually free, although there are some that do charge.

It is important to know that you must use several of these tools and websites to make sure that the information is correct. There is a chance that the data you receive is outdated or incorrect. By combining data from multiple search services, you increase the chance that the ultimate outcome is ultimately correct.

Some of the free phone number retrieval services can really help you when searching through Google doesn't get you anywhere.


This free converse telephone query site has been around for over twenty years and it relates a telephone number with the proprietor's name and address if the data can be found in the telephone directory, which isn't the situation for most telephone numbers.

Other openly accessible data are the topographical area of where the number is enlisted and the telephone organization related with it. This data is available for both landline and mobile phone numbers and can give you a sensibly smart thought of who the guest is.

Screen capture of Chrome internet browser WhitePages search field

Fig.3 - Screenshot of Chrome internet browser WhitePages search field

By and by, there is one disadvantage. You won't have the option to discover any data if the number is unlisted or private. Luckily, White Pages data set contains a large number of enrolled numbers and gives a lot of data about the wellspring of any call.

An especially simple to-utilize interface permits you to get the outcomes by composing in the telephone number in the hunt field and clicking Enter or the amplifying glass button. Note that if the number is attached to a mobile phone, you will get data on the postal district and geographic zone just, however for additional bits of knowledge, you should pay a top notch membership charge.


This site offers you a name, a location and a guide on the wellspring of the telephone number, yet in the event that you need extra experiences, there is a charge.

Once more, you can't discover anything on the unlisted numbers however can look through global numbers, not simply the ones in the USA.

Screen capture of Chrome internet browser WhitePages search field

Fig.4 - Screenshot of Chrome internet browser AnyWho search field

3. Truecaller

As a totally free application, Truecaller can be utilized straightforwardly from your iOS or Android gadget. Utilized by in excess of 250 million clients, this application gives overall opposite telephone query inclusion and the establishment cycle is very straightforward. Once introduced, Truecaller has an extraordinary element that distinguishes obscure telephone numbers and alarms you to expected spam.

There is one disadvantage however. To utilize Truecaller in any case, you should join, yet it's totally free and you can even do it through your Facebook, alongside other sign in choices. It's critical to take note of that by joining you are permitting anybody to recognize your number, which you probably won't care for in the event that you need to secure your protection.

Screen capture of Chrome internet browser WhitePages search field

Fig.5 - Screenshot of Chrome internet browser Truecaller search field

4. Spy Dialer

The staggering thing about Spy Dialer is that it is a totally free choice for a converse telephone query that doesn't have a paid rendition. Just by duplicate/gluing the ideal number, you will get the complete name related with it in a flicker of an eye. It can likewise show you the location data and a guide with an overall area dependent on the three-digit zone code.

Screen capture of Chrome internet browser SpyDialer search field

Fig.6 - Screenshot of Chrome internet browser SpyDialer search field

What's more, a converse telephone query with Spy Dialer offers data on how long an individual has had their telephone administration and shows the chance of a number being related with a wireless versus a landline. While you probably won't discover this data that valuable, no one can really tell when and why you will require it.

There is a slight possibility that somebody's data on Spy Dialer are obsolete if the individual has moved meanwhile. The organization that claims it expresses that the data it holds are assembled from openly accessible information and diverse location books contributed by clients. Uplifting news is that you can eliminate your information from the Spy Dialer's data set for nothing in the event that you don't need individuals to approach them.

5. Telephone

In spite of the fact that it can discover just a little level of numbers and can't distinguish unlisted numbers, Phone Lookup permits you to get the name of the guest yet additionally locate the specific location.

Screen capture of Chrome internet browser Lookup search field

Fig.7 - Screenshot of Chrome internet browser Lookup search field

One thing that this apparatus has and none of the other comparable instruments offer is the remarking framework. All in all, it permits you to perceive what others have remarked on that number. This is a significant component that encourages you in distinguishing con artists or individuals who have just reached others with that equivalent number.


On the off chance that you have ever gotten a call from a shrouded number, you realize how irritating that can be. Truly, what is somebody's sufficient explanation behind concealing their number in any case? Anyway, Cia-application will stop this and assist you with identifying the genuine personality of the guest.

Screen capture of Chrome internet browser Cia-App search field

Fig.8 - Screenshot of Chrome internet browser Cia-App search field

You can introduce it on your Android or iPhone. Simultaneously, it permits you to see the number and genuine guest personality prior to noting and obstruct that number from calling you later on.

Above all, it lets you enter any telephone number and track down a complete name, address and more data on the proprietor of the number on the off chance that they are accessible.

7. Turn around Lookup

Inside only a couple seconds, Reverse Lookup App pulls up names and areas related with the particular telephone number.

This application demonstrations like a telephone directory by permitting you to spare numbers to your Contacts, setting up your telephone to send got calls to your voice message and in any event, settling on decisions from it.

Notwithstanding, to get data on the live guest, you need to burn through $2 on its Reverse Lookup PLUS choice. You can, be that as it may, utilize a free form for manual sections and it most cases, this will sufficiently be.

No, it's most certainly not. In any case, with countless strategies and procedures sketched out in this article, your odds of distinguishing the proprietor of the telephone number that called you are drastically expanded. In any case, a telephone number inquiry by utilizing a Google isn't impeccable. Most importantly, the data you find with the assistance of a web index may not generally be exact. All the more significantly, if the telephone number isn't recorded or if it's a transitory number, seeing Google won't offer you any responses. All things considered, many individuals like to keep their data hidden and share their number just with the individuals they trust the most.

Things being what they are, does this mean you shouldn't do a converse Google telephone query, online media or free instruments? By no means. This is a protected, fast, lawful and free strategy and by and large, it will work for you consummately.

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