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Telephone number: +18554197365
(8554197365, 018554197365)

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14 Sep 2021
do you answer calla with only the phone number as the ID????
28 Aug 2021
The person calls basically everyday.
21 Aug 2021
It's a call from AT&T concerning a directv account if you have one.
04 Aug 2021
Got a call from this number my phone was fine my TV was fine there was no reason for this number to call me even if it was AT&T it was just a sales call so sick of this
29 Jul 2021
The automative caller, said it was from AT&T. I returned the call and it asked me several questions. But after asking for a representative, I got hung up on. I do have a AT&T Direct TV account, but with all calls in or out, the call always has the AT&T logo music, this call did not. Not sure if it is a joke or a scam, but I do not believe it is legitimate.
21 May 2021
19 May 2021
This was AT&T U-verse tech support calling after my phone service went down and we got disconnected
19 May 2021
Scammers AT&T has 800# techs have local #'s
10 May 2021
I know it’s an AT&T automated call, and I do have their service but I’m not the actual account holder so I’m not sure why they’re spamming me with phone calls
30 Apr 2021
ATT, ATT Customer Support

Review 8554197365 ( +18554197365 )

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They are a debt collector. Not sure if it’s a scam company or not but the debt they are trying to co...


first part cut off, but claimed I had to call back or my account would be billed. Reno, NV


Called to say I will be billed $300.00 for a 3 year subscription , subscription for what I don't kno...


happens on regular basis spoof #


Ernie from WL Construction called and left a message for the owner by name. Our secretary was uncer...


Caller from Hyundai Capital and that he was collecting a missed payment


Called six times since Nov 3rd, no voice mail left

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