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15 Sep 2021
No it's not I just got off the phone with BoA and 866-692-9374 and 877-825-6526 are not phone numbers associated with BoA . The rep told me they have had multiple complaints about this fraud.
01 Sep 2021
The people posting that this number is legit are part of the scam. They care about no one else, heck they probably don't even think very highly of themselves. Criminals are like that.
21 Aug 2021
bank of america card services wanted to verify transaction rthey suspected fraud
14 Aug 2021
I'm wondering the people who posted that this number is legit,especially since we know it's a scam are verifying this bad number.cmon guys, people who have no relation to boa are receiving these calls.Beware and be mindful my fellow Americans toughing it out in the trenches
18 Jul 2021
Left voice mail, from past remarks just deleted without listening to.
08 Jul 2021
The Bank of America gave me this number because they said my account is closed for my debit card for my unemployment so I called it's just a long process wait I never got anyone so I don't know why Bank of America give me this number to find out if my account is closed or not.
16 May 2021
i just got a call from 'Maryann from AT&T' at 877-825-6526 trying to verify my bank account and fraudulent activity. She wanted to establish 'security' questions. I confirmed address but told them i would call them back. Looked the number up and it looks like a scam! UGH.
12 May 2021
Called to discuss suspect charges on my BofA card due to charges off the net from Cypress. Matt was very helpful and canceled the card with a minimum amount of information. Called the number on the back of my card to verify and Keneisha was less than helpful until the third time I explained the events I want to verify. Put me on terminal hold as she was looking at the account and then ended back to the automated system where Larelle was looking for the same information. Matt did his job as I ended up in a customer service loop. This is a valid BofA # & not a scam as indicated before this post.
28 Apr 2021
Geeze it's Bank of America I don't have a card? Message said have an awesome weekend???? Top on scam. And professionalism. Lol
13 Apr 2021
Received a call from this number, dont know it.

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