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23 May 2021
Its scam. An indian man pretending he is calling from HSBC due to a bank activity on my account. He was trying to know my details, They already knew my year of birth. I received this call after i paid rent deposit on openrent. Co. Uk
22 May 2021
This number is genuine. The caller will know the details of your recent failed transfer.
16 May 2021
I was called by this number following a transaction I made on my account. Sorry but as the person had a foreign accent I too thought it was a scam so I gave no details and said I would call the bank myself. I logged onto my account the next day to find that the money I had tried to transfer was rejected by the bank. I called them and they confirmed they would not let the payment go through until they had verified the transaction personally with me. This is a further safety check by the bank t
09 May 2021
They called me 3 times today and I have only answered the first one when the person on the phone claimed to be HSBC and said someone was trying to set up a direct debit using my account. I need to provide answers to some questions which I noticed it’s a scam after the second questions and I refused to answer. He then told me to google hsbc fraud team number and I said I will look it up on the official site abs he said no please use goggle. Strange! And then he asked if I use phone banking and I
08 May 2021
Saying he is from HSBC and there had been a suspicious transfer and that I needed to open my App. Started asking me PIN number and everything and that I needed to freeze my current account and transfer all the money to new account which was all lie!!! Then soon after someone legit from HSBC called saying there’s a suspicious transfer and I was in a panic and couldn’t trust anyone anymore. I will never give information to anyone when receiving a call
26 Apr 2021
Claimed to be from HSBC and had called saying there had been a fraud on our account but it didn't sound genuine. This is the second such call in the last month so even when you tell them that you're on to them they keep coming back. Funnily enough the first one sounded really good and I suspect would be excellent at telesales!
24 Apr 2021
Call the bank HCBS directly this is a genuine number - if you do not take the call then you will get a text - to be extra safe you can call your bank back on another number and they will put you through.
24 Apr 2021
I had a call from this number. It didn't sound right. The approach sounded like phishing rather than security so I refused to give information. I have no issue on my account so beware I feel scammers are using this number.
22 Apr 2021
Received a text message informing me of a transfer that HSBC had blocked and asking me to call them to verify it. They performed standard security checks and then released the fund.
20 Apr 2021
Genuine number from HSBC call centre BUT based in India hence the accent - I phoned the UK bank to check - not the first time this has happened

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