Falkland Islands Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Falkland Islands

Country code: +500 ( 00500 ) - Phone number Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands
Country code:
Exit Code:
ISO Codes:
Local Time:
Local Timezone:

Country Information
Falkland Island
Total Population:
South America & Central America

Falkland Islands Area codes numbers:

Falkland Islands Mobile codes numbers: 56

How to call Falkland Islands Mobile Phone from:

International Call Codes

How do you call from Falkland Islands to

How to call inside Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands Phone number:
+ 500 + Area code + 5-digit + local phone number

Latest reviews


They call over and over up to 5 times a day.


Said he was called John. Calling about a ppi claim he said I made in October. I hung up.


Call every few days, when answered person talking can't be heard.


Received call at 01;00 AM non responding,not interested to hear this


I had the same call, answered it and I just hung up. Wasn't going to give them access to my computer


Big Scammer, Bid Lyer.


She's a escort


bank called offering 0% balance transfer prequalified no questions asked. automatic $5000 approval. ...

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