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Telephone number: +61399995483
(0399995483, 0061399995483)

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30 Jan 2022
Their offers are Great! They even match or lower the prices of their competitors for their customer. Their representatives are nice and they are fast organizing holidays. I really loved it! Caller: Sean
10 Jan 2022
hello. I have given them a personal details and card num what should I do now?
18 Dec 2021
Called me and said I won $2600 in travel credits. All they needed were my bank details to generate a random email address for my account. Very persistant. Really wanted a financial card or account number from me to secure this one time deal. Only $49 for lifetime membership. They even provided me with a valid ABN. As soon as I started questioning why they needed financial details they hung up.
23 Nov 2021
Basically the same story as above. I am a fairly sceptical person and they almost had me convinced. They have a very professional looking website. The number that contacted me was 02 8055 4151. Calling themselves Premium Flight Club. Offering $2600 worth of travel credits. Even had a valid abn Caller: Premium Flight Club
14 Oct 2021
They are persistent. Have not answered and thanks to you will block this number.
01 Oct 2021
I think that this people saying bad things are just Premium flight club competitors. I am using them for a long time so me myself knows how they works and how they are giving great deals. I actually booked my holidays with them this coming December with my family without spending a lot for it.
25 Aug 2021
Premium Flight Club is such a big deal for me, they help me a lot with my holidays especially with the credits that they are always giving to their members, it gave me a lot of savings I am skeptical at first because I don't know the company but still I tried their offer and until now I am getting a big discount from them. I had my dream holiday at Maldives and Bali but did not spend a lot. Caller: Jay
24 Aug 2021
Its a signup scam
19 Aug 2021
Sign up scam. The moment that I questioned why they wanted my bank account details they hung up. Caller: Premium Flight Club, Customer service agent Jay Nash
10 Aug 2021
Yep scam, they got my name and email and basically shilled that I won $2600 worth of vacation money, I just had to give them my bank details to secure the winnings and could review it at the 3rd of August, when I asked them to email me and then I would pay they just said sorry and hung up

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Area Code: +613 - 99995483 Mildura, Australia Telephone called by: +61399995483

Mildura, Australia: +61399995483 | 0399995483

Area code:
Local Time:
Local Timezone:
Cities using +613 :
  • Mildura
  • Balranald
  • Hopetoun
  • Ouyen
  • Swan Hill

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ISO Codes:
Total Population:
Australia & Pacific
Local Time:
More than one

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Looking to see if right person number


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Might be legit, I don't know for sure.


Possibly a scam?

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