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Telephone number: +61862284080
(0862284080, 0061862284080)

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30 Jan 2022
This scammer has been spoofing this faked number when they make the scam attempts that the phone company has them listed as Potential spam ( should just say spam ) .
19 Nov 2021
This not a valid number has been spoofed for so long that the scam caller is now listed as potential spam on the caller id by the phone company !
29 Jul 2021
Another call from up by Alton ( where there are call centers too ) which says potential spam on the caller id ..and is listed as an invalid number online ..should we answer the scam attempted ?
21 Jul 2021
EBay scam call

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Area Code: +618 - 62284080 Murray Bridge, Australia Telephone called by: +61862284080

Murray Bridge, Australia: +61862284080 | 0862284080

South Australia
Area code:
Local Time:
Local Timezone:
Cities using +618 :
  • Murray Bridge
  • Berri
  • Gawler
  • Kangaroo Island
  • Malalla
  • Murray Bridge
  • Nurioopta
  • Tailem Bend
  • Victor Harbour
  • Waikerie

Australia Country Information

Country code:
Exit Code:
ISO Codes:
Total Population:
Australia & Pacific
Local Time:
More than one

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Australia Phone number:
+ 61 + Area code + 8-digit + local phone number

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I've been called by this number but I don't know who they are. As I don't have any connection with t...


Spam I need a verification


This number call me many times and when you give the verification and you name ask for my husband fi...


EBay scam call


This scammer has been spoofing this faked number when they make the scam attempts that the phone com...


Their offers are Great! They even match or lower the prices of their competitors for their customer....


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