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State Area code
Alabama 205251256334938
Alaska 907
Arizona 480520602623928
Arkansas 479501870
California 209213310323408415424442510530559562619626650657661707714747760805818831858909916925949951
Colorado 303719720970
Connecticut 203475860
Delaware 302
Florida 239305321352386407561727754772786813850863904941954
Georgia 229404470478678706762770912
Idaho 208
Hawaii 808
Illinois 217224309312331618630708773779815847872
Indiana 219260317574765812
Iowa 319515563641712
Kansas 316620785913
Kentucky 270502606859
Louisiana 225318337504985
Maine 207
Maryland 240301410443
Mississippi 228601662769
Missouri 314417573636660816
Massachusetts 339351413508617774781857978
Montana 406
Nebraska 308402
Nevada 702775
New Hampshire 603
New Jersey 201609732848856862908973
Minnesota 218320507612651763952
Michigan 231248269313517586616734810906947989
New Mexico 505
North Dakota 701
Oklahoma 405539580918
North Carolina 252336704828910919980
Ohio 216234330419440513567614740937
Rhode Island 401
New York 212315347516518585607631646716718845914917929
South Carolina 803843864
South Dakota 605
Tennessee 423615731865901931
Texas 210214254281325361409430432469512682713806817830832903915936940956972979
Utah 385435801
Vermont 802
Virginia 276434540571703757804
Pennsylvania 215267412484570610717724814
Washington 206253360425509564
West Virginia 304681
Wyoming 307
Wisconsin 262414534608715920
Oregon 503541971
Washington, DC 202

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