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Telephone number: +18009359935
(8009359935, 018009359935)

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22 Nov 2021
Robot called to tell me that my debit card had suspicions activity. I don't have a debit card through Chase. I pressed #1 for 'dispute' and the real person who answered asked how they could help me. I told them they called me, and I don't have a chase debit card. He asked if I was 'Mrs. Brown', when I said no, he hung up on me.
28 Sep 2021
Foreign voice sounding scammer
24 Sep 2021
This is a computer ransom ware type scam. They lock your computer and it says you have to call and you will lose everything on your computer. They pressure you into buying their product. This is a team of scammers like a company with customer services, tech support etc. Should check phone number before actually calling them. They use other phone numbers--1-800-983-1308, 1-855-622-8558.
27 Aug 2021
I didn't answer the call and know the format of the number which is Spamming. Best Practice is to not answer Unknown and Private Numbers, numbers you don't know. Be Safe!
01 Jun 2021
Stole all my money. Please send investigators , Law Enforcement, etc, over there.
29 Apr 2021
chase Bank
29 Apr 2021
Left voice messages in a foreign language. Showed as Chase
28 Apr 2021
'Unknown' caller from 800-935-9935 left poor quality voice mail claiming $1099.99 had been charged to the credit card attached to my Amazon account. They further claimed they were convinced by the amount (?)that it was a fraudulent charge so they froze the purchase. Then the call trailed off. I discovered online that the number belongs to Chase bank - with whom I do absolutely NO business. Finding 'Should I Answer' brought resolve when I read that others have received similar calls. Thanks for being here. Chasya
23 Apr 2021
Said they were from Chase Fraud Services and that someone had made some purchases on my card in Miami, FL. They tried to get me to reset my user name and password. I made an excuse and asked them to call me back in 20 minutes. I then Called Chase and was told that no charges had been made to my account. They are sending a new card.
19 Apr 2021
Chace bank

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