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29 Aug 2021
Received 22 calls in the last three days; no one answers, just hangs up when I start to tear him a new one.Centurylink doesn't offer *60 blocking anymore since they took over Qwest, my old carrier. As Centurylink doesn't employ CSR's on weekends, I'm stuck w/these non-stop calls. Thinking about calling local LE...but it the little piece of $hit who's doing this is using a disposable/Tracfone, nothing going to come of it.
20 Aug 2021
Amazon customer service - they called me after I did chat message w/ their customer service and they requested to speak to me on the phone. Still weird that it says 'Dato Daud House' and not 'Amazon Customer Service.'
19 Aug 2021
My phone has 2 records of receiving calls from this number (+1 206-922-0880), which may be a legitimate number, but was spoofed by a foreign SPAMMER organization. According to the 'contact record' on my phone, the company is 'Dato Daud House' located at 'Lot 3378, Felda Sri Jaya, 85210, Johor, Malaysia,' and a website of 'htttps://' I would not block this number, as it might legitimately belong to Amazon. I've had spam calls in the past who spoofed legitimate numbers (one of which belonged to Hewlett Packard, the computer manufacturer). Just saying.
02 Aug 2021
I received a call this morning from Amazon Customer Service at my request to resolve a shipping issue
23 Jul 2021
Received 3 calls from 206.922.0880. The first and second calls occurred while I was on the phone with Amazon and I received 1 more after hanging up. I answered the 3rd call but no one was there. Blocked number.
10 Jul 2021
Also got a call just now from this number... They keep calling you guys and leaving text messages? That sucks. I hope they don't continue on my phone.
10 Jul 2021
It Is Amazon C.S. calling me back after online request to talk to Customer service agent. The phone rings with in 5 seconds of call me click. SO people on here should know that. Maybe Amazon's employee are working from home. But it sounds like a call center too
26 Jun 2021
I got a call back that I initiated from Amazon from this number. It was definitely Amazon, but the lady was really rude and snarky. I've NEVER had that experience with Amazon before. I wouldn't be surprised if this organization is also running scams in addition to a legitimate business as an Amazon customer service provider.
24 Jun 2021
No scam for me. I needed help to return something to Amazon and this was the number that called me back. However, I could tell it was an outsourced call so maybe this same number is being used by others besides Amazon customer service.
17 Jun 2021
This was Amazon customer service returning a call initiated by me.

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USA Telephone called by: +12069220880

Bainbridge Island, USA: +12069220880 | 2069220880

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  • Burton
  • Camp Murray
  • Kent
  • Kirkland
  • Mercer Island
  • Rollingbay
  • Seahurst
  • Seattle
  • Vashon

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