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25 Aug 2021
I had the same thing. The name didn't match, but they said that my debit card ending in xxxx had a notice for fraud on it. Double checked with Chase's actual fraud prevention center, and this number doesn't match any of Chase's fraud numbers. Sounds like a phishing call.
24 Aug 2021
Message just came through: 'Chase fraud number'... Thank you all for your input.
24 Aug 2021
I got a call from this number around the same time as a text from someone claiming to be From Chase Bank fraud department and they had detailed information of a recent transaction. I called the number on my debit card and at first was told that I was not contacted by Chase but after further inquiry it turned out to be a legitimate notification.
28 Jul 2021
I don't know if it is a real phone number from Chase or not. But something is real. It's an automated call from Chase Bank's Fraud Prevention Department. And it's real. It is not a scam! However, I don't (and you should never) respond to automated calls like this or the email I also received from them at the same time. I called Chase Bank directly (and so should you) so I know who I'm calling and was told that in fact, someone had tried to use my debit card (or at least the card number) to the tune of almost $700.00 in three attempted transactions with PayPal and Wal-Mart! Hell, I had only like $34.00 in the account. But they told me that the transactions didn't go through as they didn't authorize them. I mean hell, you know, insufficient funds, you know?!? So they cancelled my card and are sending me a new one. Now, to be smart, don't ever respond directly to an automated call or email because those are too easy to fake. Instead, call Chase Bank directly and ask to speak with their Fraud Prevention Department. Even if you don't have an account with them, do it. Only they can tell you if they contacted you about some suspected fraud or not. In my case, everything was legit.
22 Jul 2021
ok i just got the call and the txt and it is really chase..... however i did didnt like the questions they were asking to verify who i was... they will ask you for your S.S and and phone number and card number and the question i thought was the most akward was 'can your phone receive txT?'.... so I hung up and called chase myself and they told me that it was them calling me.... anywho but NEVER GIVE YOUR INFO OUT ON ATUO CALL... CALL CHASE YOURSELF..... YOU CAN NEVER BE TO CAREFULL
23 Jun 2021
THIS NUMBER IS A SCAM!!! They sent me a text from 'chase's fraud department' and everything looks 100% legitimate, yet the number they had was for an old card. I did 'verify' information which did not 'match what was in their system'. When i got to work i called the Chase number on the back of my card and they transferred me to the real fraud prevention, they also said the number that called me is NOT a chase number.
17 Jun 2021
Same issue, claiming to be Chase Bank
22 May 2021
I woke on a text in the middle of the night. I don't feel right about the text and I Google the number. It's a scam.
21 May 2021
This number calls and never leaves a message.
12 May 2021
This was a legitimate fraud check for me from Chase. I started getting the calls after I traveled and had a large out of state purchase. Now when I have a charge online, large amount or out of state I get a phone call from that number and then an immediate text message asking me to verify the charge with a 1 for YES or 2 for NO. No other information is asked for just to confirm if I made the purchase

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