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Telephone number: +18552457098
(8552457098, 018552457098)

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12 Dec 2021
Person called stating that I had an outstanding balance with terminix and they were trying to collect a debt. I told them I never had an account with terminix. Called terminix and they stated they have no account with them and that they use nationwide collection agency. These people are a scam. I reported them.
29 Nov 2021
Called number back after it was blocked by an spammer app I have. Asked me if I was a certain person and I said no. Asked me if I knew this person or their location and I said no. Said they would remove me from the list which is doubtful since this number calls all the time without leaving a msg. Left it on my spammer block list so all I hear is a slight ding when they try to call.
28 Nov 2021
If this is Transworld or any type of debt collector, they may be calling for a valid debt. However, by law, they have to leave a message saying who they are, who they are calling from, etc... on the VM. If they do not, than you can dispute anything that they may report to the credit bureau, because of their practices. It doesn't matter if a debt is valid or not, they are required to leave a specific message on the VM per guidelines from the FDCPA.
25 Nov 2021
14 Nov 2021
Called my personal cell phone looking for my father numerous times. Wanted to confirm address - SCAM ALERT - trying to retrieve information to take advantage of elderly people.
10 Nov 2021
no message, don't know who it is.
09 Nov 2021
They can eat a big fat hairy bag of dicks!!!
31 Oct 2021
Calling people in my phone's address book , do not know how they got that persons number.???? Very concerning
15 Oct 2021
Calls up to 3 times a day Does not leave any message on VM.Blocked number but the blank vm continue
14 Oct 2021
Calls from this number occur several times a day everyday but nobody is ever on the line. I got one recording claiming my car warranty had expired, even though I don't have a warranty, and to call some number. PAIN IN THE a*s!!!!

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USA: +18552457098 | 8552457098

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They call over and over up to 5 times a day.


Said he was called John. Calling about a ppi claim he said I made in October. I hung up.


Call every few days, when answered person talking can't be heard.


Received call at 01;00 AM non responding,not interested to hear this


I had the same call, answered it and I just hung up. Wasn't going to give them access to my computer


Big Scammer, Bid Lyer.


She's a escort


bank called offering 0% balance transfer prequalified no questions asked. automatic $5000 approval. ...

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