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13 Sep 2021
Multiple calls from “ spectrum “ saying I need to call in the next 24 hours about “ important changes “ in the status of my account . Filling up space on my answer machine for almost 6 minutes . I will call soon . Robo call ? Not sure .
24 Jul 2021
A robocall, referring to me by name about the status of my Spectrum account, saying I should call within 24 hours.Funny. I dropped Spectrum years ago and have no account with Spectrum. Whether it's a phishing scam or incredibly bad marketing, they're not getting my business.
17 Jul 2021
Received messages from Spectrum on 12/7 and again today stating important message of my account. Please call with 24 hours.
05 Jul 2021
Spectrum, again.. They bill you a month in advance on yer statement.. I'm not paying thier month in advance, not paying for something I've not received yet, so they call every month and try to trick you into answering by saying 'there has been a change in your account'. This NEVER happened when time Warner ran it. As soon as we got stuck with spectrum, the calls started.. I have all thier numbers blocked.. Just a desperate attempt to get 2 months worth of money at once out of you.. I pay my month of service when I have used it, same time every month.. Thier crappy service goes up every year a higher percentage then gas and electric.. Sharks..
29 Jun 2021
They say they're Spectrum, called me ( I do have Spectrum), asked for some guys name. I've never heard of the person. I'd say it's a scam.
10 Jun 2021
It's funny got a call last sun saying there's a change to my account to call within 24,hrs then they call on a Saturday to say the same thing
27 May 2021
Scummy spectrum collection call, I’m suing them for their deceptive billing practices. Tried to contact them last month to switch to $19 basic cable (they hide this service).
13 May 2021
8669145806 called my home phone at 5:24pm on 1/31/2020. When calling the number back i was asked why I was calling? i was told i still owed money.spectum wanted to know if this was for my phone or internet? i had no idea what she was talking about at the time.I then called 855-757-7328 -- my billing statement I found for 11/27/19. i received the same message that i stil owed. i never missed a payment as of yet,,It could have been lost in the mail.i told the woman to send me 2 payments then when my next statement is due. she said that would be ok. will look at my bank statements ,,, hope this settes the problem. The other phone number with 866 wanted to disconect my service if i did not pay today. payment is all it takes.
30 Apr 2021
30 Apr 2021
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They call over and over up to 5 times a day.


Said he was called John. Calling about a ppi claim he said I made in October. I hung up.


Call every few days, when answered person talking can't be heard.


Received call at 01;00 AM non responding,not interested to hear this


I had the same call, answered it and I just hung up. Wasn't going to give them access to my computer


Big Scammer, Bid Lyer.


She's a escort


bank called offering 0% balance transfer prequalified no questions asked. automatic $5000 approval. ...

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