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Telephone number: +441527419014
(01527419014, 00441527419014)

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21 Apr 2021
Call 3 to 4 times a day, When you answer they ask for account details, When you question who they are they hang up. I have blocked the calls yet still come through on my answer phone and leave blank messages upto 5 times a day
19 Apr 2021
They called me claiming to be Scottish Power (which from below, It appears they are), But the issue was apparently for data protection reasons they wanted five SEPARATE pieces of information on me, Including full name, Address, Date of birth- I wasn't comfortable giving them this- surely there is just a security question they can use? They called me!
10 Apr 2021
Scottish power
10 Apr 2021
I keep having calls from this number they say they are from Scottish power and ask for a lot of details even about my bank account that I don't give
07 Apr 2021
Now called me three times but would not tell me why unless I gave them my account details. Calling themselves Scottish Power and them calling me and then demanding MY details obviously warned me it was a potential scam. I told them to write to me since they 'knew who I was' and hung up. 3 times. Surely the police should do something about them?
21 Mar 2021
It’s Scottish Power - payment collection department. Not a scam
18 Mar 2021
Scottish Power Impersonators requesting date of birth etc. So they can get debt in your name.
08 Mar 2021
Just received a call from this number, Threatening me to make payments or court actions will be processed when i currently resolving being sent a wrong bill with Scottish power
02 Mar 2021
Sciottish Power, The Phone you NEXT DAY after a Bill sent to NAG, Just Ignore them, Bullying fools. They also NAG you by email on Sunday & on Bank Holiday even. Ignore them & pay as suits you. Wouldn't even answer them.
25 Feb 2021
Scottish Power calling regarding smart meter installment.

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United Kingdom Telephone called by: +441527419014

Astwood Bank, United Kingdom: +441527419014 | 01527419014

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Cities using +441527 :
  • Astwood Bank
  • Bromsgrove
  • Hanbury
  • Headless Cross
  • Ipsley
  • Redditch
  • Studley
  • Wychbold.

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They call, I answer, and get no reply, other then hung up on.

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