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13 Sep 2021
My friend has become a victim to the scam thats been happening! And, for those who dont know that this 888.231.6262/301.458.1590 is not a legit number for Bank of America! Im doing a investigation around the clock to find these people of no integrity. Any other person of this blog who states these numbers are legit are TRULY PART OF THE SCAMMERS AND WE WILL PROSECUTE YOU ALSO TO THE FULLEST!Go to, and the same number was used for Michigan State Federal Credit Union. It ironic that Bank of America in 2008 has the exact number thats reported for this credit union dont be fooled people. The scammers are post comment with fake stories to offset there scam! Bank of America automated system is unique and its a male vocal computerized voice with other props that plays ago the call. So scammers start really looking over your shoulders cause The FBI with local law enforcements will be nabbing you one by one!
11 Aug 2021
Got the same thing, a suspicious letter today saying they've been trying to contact me regarding my inquiry, would I please call 800-421-2110, which is a woman's voice that says 'WELCOME TO CARDMEMBER SERVICES, please enter your credit card # or social security number'So I called customer service at BofA and asked if they had a record of me calling and making an inquiry, she said no. I told her about the letter, and she said, call them back, but don't give them any info.I think this is a total scam. I am not calling this # and giving them my card or social security #
10 Aug 2021
I didn't get a call but received a letter from 'CARD SERVICES', PO Box 15489, Wilmington, DE 19885-5489. This letter lists 1-800-421-2110 as a no. to call day or night. Well, the letter states that I may have recently experienced difficulty using my Bank of America credit card at an ATM, etc. I'm suppose to fill out the bottom portion of the form 'PIN Code Request Form' with a new PIN no. and send it to them. I DON'T THINK SO!!! Most likely phishing for info.
03 Aug 2021
recieved fake letter saying i've had recent trouble using card and to verify my PIN. The letter was quite obviously not from Bank of America. It was typed all wrong and the letterhead didn't look right. it was so phony. it completely looked at though i had been printed up on any regular home printer. Called the 800-421-2110 number to see what it was and didn't say anything about it being a Bank of America number which is the BIGGEST 'Duh' factor in it being fake. it simply kept asking for card number or social security number. Ok, if you're gonna be a scam artist, at least try a little harder at appearing legit. This is totaly fake. don't give them any info.
28 Jul 2021
Same thing happened to me through FICO. I called my bank right away and they said they didn't have any record of any problems or reports. Called fico and equifax and both said it sounded like a scam... My credit score went up so I'm not sure who to call next. The number on my alert is the (800) 421-2110 # from Delware. SCAM!! Thanks for the post.
11 Jul 2021
1-800-421-2110 is a valid Bank of America customer service number. Called BofA directly with a number from their website myself and asked. Got the number above from a credit reporting agency, not from a phone call.
29 Jun 2021
I received a letter from 'Bank of America' stating that my credit card account number was changing, and although they could not send me a new card at this time, they would like me to update my account information. The account number they listed was not mine, so I checked the 1-800 number they provided and found this forum.Please be aware that although it looks like the letterhead from Bank of America, their registered 'R' mark is on the bottom point of the flag logo, as opposed to the real B of A mark on the right point of the flag. Also, this was the address listed on the envelope:PO Box 15633Wilmington, DE 19850
28 Jun 2021
I just got one of these calls too. I am sick of this #@#@#@! Just says... please hold your card qualifies for a new rate. I DONT keep a credit card balance so I do not need a new rate.
25 May 2021
This is actually Bank of America's number. Don't worry. The dude posting above you doesn't know what he's talking about.
15 May 2021
I understand that Caller ID can be faked, so to clarify:If you MAKE A CALL to 800-421-2110, that is going to a legitimate credit card services place. (that number is on the back of my present and prior Bank of America credit card)If you RECEIVE a call, and your phone displays that number as calling, then the call is probably from that number, but the Caller ID might be faked, so the call could be from anyone.Don't answer significant questions from a call you receive, since you really don't know who is calling. Obviously if you're expecting the call then ... .If you're answering a call, get the person's name & dept., explain that you will call the number you know is genuine, and ask to be transferred to them. Then call a number you see on your credit card or statement. Using reverse phone directories on the internet to see if a number is genuine sometimes causes needless worry. Frequently, genuine numbers don't show up.

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