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07 Sep 2021
I receive a call from this number immediately after getting off the phone with Transunion. I have been dealing with this very issue of people trying to fraudulently obtain my information. The Transunion 800 number I had called was 1-800-916-8800. This department is apparently outsourced to some part of southern Asia, such as India. It is entirely possible that the scammers have a way of monitoring calls to this number. After receiving the call from 800-423-4343, one hears an automated voice message informing you that you have reached 'AT&T Universal Card.' You are then instructed to either say or enter your credit card number. If you are told your number is 'incorrect,' you are then instructed to enter your full Social Security number. After this, the automation tells you that your call is important, but 'due to high volume of calls,' you will have to wait. Remember, these people have called you. Obviously a scam--but a rather sophisticated one. Should report this to federal law enforcement.
25 Aug 2021
Did not answer.
29 Jul 2021
When I answered it was a recording telling me that they have made several attempts to contact me about my balance on my credit card to press 1 to speak to a customer service about my pass due balance. Press 2 to decline. I pressed 2, it connected me to this guy. He asked how I was doing today. I said fine, please remove my from your call list. He said can you go f*** yourself. He hung up on me when I told my husband that he was being vulgar.
17 Jul 2021
Message stating hit *1* to speak with someone about high interest rates *2* to decline. I hit *2* & call rings through. I ask the individual answering the call: 'Can u please place me on the no call list.' Caller's response: 'We be selling new [***] here.'
30 Jun 2021
Called cell. No message. Scam
24 Jun 2021
800 caller, which I never answer. Left no voicemail, which is telltale sign of telemarketing morons. Checked # here and saw complaints about fake AT&T or Universal or Citibank credit card calls, none of which I have. Added to Call Block List. Imbeciles...
29 May 2021
Every day
28 May 2021
They called my business phone number, and when I answered they said nothing. Perhaps their bogus telemarketing message was running a little slow.
07 May 2021
06 May 2021

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