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Telephone number: +18882804331
(8882804331, 018882804331)

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01 Dec 2021
want 600. dollars for amazon
11 Nov 2021
Voice said if I didn't buy something for $400.00 on Amazon press 1 for suspected fraud. I pressed 1 and girl answered and said Amazon. I told her that I received a call about suspected fraud on my Amazon account. Then my line went dead. Don't know what they gained from that.
05 Nov 2021
My mom received a phone call from (888) 280-4331 on our landline phone at 1:12 P.M. Eastern Time on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. I answered the phone call and an automated voice said 'This is a phone call from Amazon. There is suspicious activity with your account.' I handed our phone receiver to my mom because she has an account with Amazon. My mom hung up our phone shortly thereafter. We reported the phone number to the FCC and the National Do Not Call Registry.
03 Nov 2021
They have called here. Do not have an Amazon account.I had $299, Then I had over $1,000, and again and again$299. Yes all that they want is a credit card #. Can you imaginethey tried to tell me I had over $1,000 in T Shirts bought. They are crazy!
05 Oct 2021
did not answer
28 Sep 2021
I received a call and felt like it was real until I heard a lot of noise in the background , then I knew it was a scam call from a boiler room.I told them I would change the PW on my account and hung up. Iam still trying to figure what they got from me.
12 Sep 2021
I ordered something and cannot find the order. I am at my job and want to talk to someone. It was for a patient if mine
09 Sep 2021
07 Sep 2021
Recording said a purchase was a purchase was being made on my acct.
06 Sep 2021
Caller ID showed Amazon. Message was my Amazon credit card was used to make a $750 purchase. I should press 1 to talk to someone about canceling the charge. This happened 8/22/20 at 8:47 am. Checked my account - it was fine.

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They call over and over up to 5 times a day.


Said he was called John. Calling about a ppi claim he said I made in October. I hung up.


Call every few days, when answered person talking can't be heard.


Received call at 01;00 AM non responding,not interested to hear this


I had the same call, answered it and I just hung up. Wasn't going to give them access to my computer


Big Scammer, Bid Lyer.


She's a escort


bank called offering 0% balance transfer prequalified no questions asked. automatic $5000 approval. ...

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