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Telephone number: +18882804331
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12 Sep 2021
I ordered something and cannot find the order. I am at my job and want to talk to someone. It was for a patient if mine
09 Sep 2021
06 Sep 2021
Caller ID showed Amazon. Message was my Amazon credit card was used to make a $750 purchase. I should press 1 to talk to someone about canceling the charge. This happened 8/22/20 at 8:47 am. Checked my account - it was fine.
26 Aug 2021
This number actually belongs to Amazon. If you are signed up for Two-step Verification with them, when you sign on to Amazon, they will text your or call you from this number to give you a security code to type in so you can get into your account. Not a scam.
23 Aug 2021
Not a call,but they charged my debit card $99.50 with the name WT-EAR-SHIP 8882804331 CA 20275. There have been two of these charges to my bank account this month. I originally did charge $4.95 for a shipping charge related to receiving a free set of ear-buds if I pay the freight. Check your bank account for unrecognized charges and this phone number.
09 Aug 2021
This actually is an Amazon phone number, but people have been spoofing this number pretending to be from Amazon. I just got a call from someone giving me a bogus order number and saying that I just made a $145 purchase, and to stay on the line to talk to a human if I did not authorize the purchase. I hung up and checked my Amazon account, there was no $145 charge. I suspect they try to get you to stay on the line, talk to a person, and they try to 'verify' your account information and steal it.
12 Jul 2021
Claimed to be getting security warnings from my computer and needed to check out my Windows Security. I told him I don't use Windows Security and hung up on him. So nice to get scam calls at 7:14 am.
06 Jul 2021
Thank you, KaysWay.
28 Jun 2021
I too got the call stating they were from amazon and about the suspected questionable purchase of the latest Iphone to my Amazon account. He gave me a fake name and fake employee ID of AMZ2526 and stated not to worry about the charges. Amazon would refund everything and then wanted to freeze my account. Needed info. I said that I would not give him that info but would hang up and call amazon myself. He hung up. I called Amazon and he stated that it was indeed a scam. My account shows only the purchases I have made.
20 Jun 2021
recording said someone was trying to make an unauthorized purchase on my account. I have notified Amazon before about this telephone number - why can't Amazon, as big as they are, do something about these creeps?!

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