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Telephone number: +18887513937
(8887513937, 018887513937)

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14 Sep 2021
Calls and doesn't leave a message.
11 Sep 2021
Caller ID, 'Unavailable', Did not leave a message.
12 Aug 2021
Called and didn't leave a message. SCAMMERS!!!!!
10 Aug 2021
Supposedly a survey about a stay at a Holiday Inn Express (that I don’t even remember), transferring me to a “reward” for my loyalty, a 4 day 3 night vacation of my choice to Orlando for ONLY $199 and if I sit in on a 2 hour vacation rental presentation, they will give me $100 back so my whole stay is only $99. While the woman was pleasant enough (she claimed she’s from the Caribbean) and we chatted about the weather, she got pushy and started talking over me when I was telling her I wasn’t interested. When I said no, she mentioned I only need to be over 23, have a credit card and not be involved in a bankruptcy. I said no again and she told me that should I want to visit Disney World in the future it will cost me over $600, did I understand that? I finally had to get snippy and hang up on her to get off the phone. Now I’m just hoping I didn’t fall for one of the scams where you say yes and they can scam you just from that! I gave her no information, but now I’m second guessing what I did or didn’t say. And this is why I usually never answer the phone unless it’s someone I know. I think I’ll go back to that policy.
24 Jul 2021
Holiday inn hotel offers free vacation
22 Jul 2021
This sounds like scammers saying they are from IHG/Holiday Inn so their victims will trust them. I highly doubt they are really from IHG
15 Jul 2021
Played along with a similar call a year ago. Supposedly to 'hold' your reservation they want your CC number, expiration date, security code, plus your home address to mail your (supposed) confirmation. In other words, everything they need to begin using your card online. Don 't fall for it.
10 Jul 2021
Received a call from this number - Verizon marked it as Potential Spam - I did not answer, and later blocked it.
01 Jul 2021
Called, blocked who they were, left no message!
25 Jun 2021
They did not leave a voice mail

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USA: +18887513937 | 8887513937

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