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12 Sep 2021
The number does appear to be ligitimate, but not without issues. Their methodology is not good, to say the least. Received a recorder message stating that there was suspicious activity on my CC account ending in ####. Returned the call and they asked for the acct #, then the last 4 digits of SS#, which I did not give.Then I called the number on the back of the CC and asked for the Fraud Dept. They had never heard of the number left on my answering machine but said it could possibly be from their Phillipine call center. They could not verify this immediately so I put an immediate hold on the account.Then, I called the original number back and spoke with a rep. They immediately wanted the account number again but I asked them to verify my account from the phone number they called me at originally. They started asking all kinds of detailed information and would not even give me the time of day when I asked them to give me the general reason for calling in the first place. I do understand the nature of the call and the need for security questions to be asked and answered but this was way too extreme. I did verify they were located in the Phillipines and am reasonably comfortable that they are who they say they are but it was impossible to communicate rationally with them. I politely told them that I would not give them any additional information and that I wasn't comfortable with the conversation so I hung up. These people are really not too sharp if you ask me and it is very frustrating that they cause so much trouble for nothing. There has not been any supsicious activity on the account from what I see in the online statement and the people in the US confirmed this.What a terrible way to treat customers. Here's another argument for getting the call centers back in the US. Wow, what a frustrating experience.
09 Aug 2021
If Chase suspects fraud, why in the hell don't they just email me? Better yet, Chase could have sent an 'alert' to my online account. I never answer phone calls from toll free numbers, period.
08 Jul 2021
Yea, this is actually Chase fraud department. I got an automated message on my machine saying they wanted to verify recent account activity. I was very wary of this call, especially since when you call the number back they immediately ask you to enter your 16 digit account number. But it is Chase, and they alerted me to a suspicious charge that was denied to my account from another country for like, $11.67. When I asked if this could be an honest mistake of entering the wrong number and getting mine, she said no because the same charge had been seen on many other accounts. That in itself is suspicious to me, but they immediately issued me a new card number and I haven't had any other problems.
01 Jul 2021
You should answer this call. It is an automated call from Chase CC fraud department. You provide no sensitive information. It describes a recent transaction to you (date, time, amount, who to) and asks if you made the charge. You press 1 if yes, 2 if no.
30 Apr 2021
chase fraud alert
24 Apr 2021
It will be too late for you to check your email.
23 Apr 2021
I looked up the number online, assuming it was a telemarketer, but then found the information that it was Chase. Just this morning I had made an online charge in Canadian dollars so I guess that is what was suspicious. I called the number back and the automated system walked me through the charges, which I was asked to verify. I am glad they are at least on the ball to spot any suspicious activity! The Caller ID should at least read 'Chase CC Services' so as to alert you.
21 Apr 2021
I called the number on the back of my credit card, they confirmed no one from Chase called me and there has been no fraud on my card - this is a scam! Do not provide them any information. Call the number on the back of your credit card ONLY to discuss possible fraud or concerns.
19 Apr 2021
i got a text that my chase card was being used to type in yes or no for the purchase they showed. i typed no. it then texted me again to call this number for chase fraud. the operator was asking me for my phone number to text me a code which i did and he said that number is not on file.then i told him to send me an email and he said he couldnt do that because he couldnt access my account without more proof of identity. so then he wanted to know what was the last loan i took out how much and at what financial institution which made me realize that this was a credit card scam because chase would have never asked me i told him this is a scam and he hung up the phone. i went online and called the real chase fraud line and they said thats definatly not a registered chase phone number. now i need to find out where i can report this because its absolutely a scam and they did try using my card for a couple purchases over 500 dollars. it also was a card i just signed up for a few weeks prior and never received in the mail. this same thing happened to me 6 months ago with my amex card that was supposed to come in the mail and never did and someone was trying to use it.
15 Apr 2021
Chase Fraud Dept

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