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14 Sep 2021
Missed call from this number. Glad to see it's USAA since I have an account with them.
09 Sep 2021
It was a return call from USAA insurance company after a business conversation. Legitimate call and not solicitation.
07 Sep 2021
I just received a call that showed up on my phone as the number from my child's school. I could not answer so it went to voicemail. My voicemail also shows the number to my child's school. When I listened to the voicemail it was a guy from USAA regarding information they needed from me to process a claim. I don't do business with USAA nor have I filed any sort of claim. If this is not a scam, then why did it show the call coming from my child's school? I will not be returning the phone call.
28 Aug 2021
Someone called our church office phone number from a cellphone number: 860-933-1506. I couldn't understand most what he said. The number he gave me, though, was this one (800-531-8722) with ext. 75984. Now if this is for an individual and he was returning a call, surely the individual would give them their own number, unless they used our church number to call or gave this company our phone number to call back. So, for us (our church), it was NOT legit. I'm the church secretary and I screen and answer a lot of calls. If I look on the caller id and there isn't a name, I let the caller leave a message.
24 Aug 2021
This number can also be used by scammers who use techniques to forge caller ID.NEVER trust caller ID info for publicly known numbers. If the number is that of a friend or family member, it is unlikely (but not impossible) that a scammer is using it. But scammers can get good mileage by forging a number of a legitimate company, especially if they know you already do business with that company.
27 Jul 2021
I am in no way a member of USAA and they called me today asking me to update my insurance information...
11 Jul 2021
The caller identified themselves as USAA, and I had recently called them asking for info. It was legit for me.
30 Jun 2021
I found this number for USAA online, and called to inquire about USAA property insurance. After navigating some menus, I was put on hold for 2 minutes before talking to a USAA agent in San Antonio. I inquired about USAA insurance, and was told that I must first become a USAA member, and membership was restricted to US military. Since I am retired navy, I qualified. After 20 minutes of my providing data, I was issued a USAA membership number. Then the agent collected data about the property I wanted to insure and gave me a quote. Within the hour, I had an email which confirmed my membership, and gave a link to the USAA online web page which shows the quote for insurance. I used the same membership number that they issued to me from the earlier conversation at telephone number (800) 531-8722 to set up an online account at telephone number seems legitimate to me. Is it possible that a hacker could also use this number to scam people? I don't know.
23 Jun 2021
This is the number for USAA Policy Service and is normally used for legit business reasons; however, there are calls being placed showing that number that are not USAA staff. The call I got sounded recorded saying there was missing info for my car and asking if they were talking to , I did not respond as this is typical of the phone scam trying to collect/record yes and no responses for other uses later.After calling USAA, they advised me that no authorized agent at USAA had accessed my accounts in several months and transferred me to their security department.Security folks had no direct response as to how they got name/phone but explained they suspect these callers are grabbing names and associated phone numbers from public records, and then they hope the people they call do have USAA to complete the scam.If you get an unusual call from any business you deal with (or not) and do not recognize the person calling, it is best to just hang up and call the company on a known safe number, if they do need to talk to you they will thank you for calling back and resolve it.
21 Jun 2021
I got a call from 1-800-531-8722 on my cell and I don't give my cell number out it's the type that has no unlimited minutes or text. I missed the call so I have no idea what they wanted . I'm so sick of all these scam calls the past 2 months from people.

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