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15 Sep 2021
Called on Saturday 12/5/15 around 2 p.m. My default ringtone is SILENT so I never hear these calls (family and friends have their own ringtones, so I don't miss THEIR calls). Will add the number to my F***ING ILLEGAL CALLS contact.
26 Aug 2021
Got the voicemail with no message from this number. I do not appreciate being called by any of these jerks mentioned above. I already have my number listed on a DO NOT CALL LIST, I certainly would not talk to them and give it to them to do again, that's a 'no brain er' and giving them your personal information like one post said.
23 Aug 2021
Annoyingly called on Sunday evening and woke the kids up. How about I wake your kids up!
15 Aug 2021
called at 12:41 on 25March2016 - The conversation started with 'we're not trying to sell you anything' I knew this was good. Claims they are conducting a survey that takes 3-4 minutes then asked me if that was 'okay' I said I'm not interested and do not call me again, then I hung up.
28 Jul 2021
We are a polling firm based in Florida, with over 25 years of experience in conducting telephone surveys. We use a computer dialer system to call landline phones and we manually dial cell phones to achieve compliance with the FCC and TCPA. Our company does not leave messages because our main goal is to acquire the opinions of the general public on various topics and political matters. Our interviewers arrange for a call backs at another time. The National Do Not Call list does not apply to research companies because we are not selling anything, or collecting money of any kind. The only purpose of our company is to gather the opinions of the public and aggregate data from those opinions. Every survey we conduct is collected confidentially and the purposes of the calls are strictly for research by our various clients. .. Our company has an internal DO NOT CALL LIST and if you tell any interviewer to put you on that list they will be happy to do so. Typically within 24 hours the request is put into our system and your number is removed from all future calling. We have a website you can go to and add your name to our internal do not call list at
10 Jul 2021
I don't believe you actually have an internal 'do not call' list.I've been on the federal list since 2007 with my current number and I keep having to tell you yahoos to stop calling. It never works. You still call. So, now I report you, because survey or not, it's still harassing me.
10 Jul 2021
Called my cell phone in Rhode Island at 6:57 PM on Jan. 11, and did not leave a message.
16 Jun 2021
Do not answer this is a scam the Irs will not call you
21 May 2021
Received a call from this number. No message left. Blocking it.
19 May 2021
Does not matter, they have so many numbers they call from it is hard to stop them, but at least I keep the numbers handy and listed by date and time they called, my lawyers like it when you harrass me with the phone calls, when repeatedly told to stop calling me period are you deaf, but hey that is alright, you have already paid me money for harrassment keep it up, I may just be able to quit my job with your income your sending me, stupid people

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