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19 Aug 2021
Lower credit card rate scam robo-call.
17 Aug 2021
because our so-called government could care less
07 Aug 2021
Cardmember services phishing scheme. Asked the operator to kill himself; he responded by threatening to shoot me and my wife and then threatened to shoot me in the face. Operator then cursed at me several times and hung up.Very unprofessional.
05 Aug 2021
I believe thats the 800 number for Sears or Sear Credit cards
21 Jul 2021
I got a recorded call today from 'Heather at Cardmember Services - Press 1 to lower your interest rate.' I get 4 or 5 of these calls per day. Obviously, this is not Sears, it is a scammer fraudulently faking their Caller ID. I always play along. You want my expiration date? Sure, I will go get it (I have a big house - it might take me 5 minutes to get to the other end where I think my credit card is. Oh, and you want my credit card number, too? Sorry, I didn't think you needed that, too. I will have to go back to look at it. 10 minutes later, I use the first 16 digits of Pi for my Amex account number. The Indian on the phone didn't like that number so he started cursing at me and threatening to send a plane driven by one of his 9/11 friends to my house. Go ahead, we're on the map! After a discuss about my parents, his parents, and the role of my dogs in his ancestry, he hung up. Any day I can get a fraudulent telemarketer annoyed at me is a good day. I am retired and would rather waste my time than have these dirtbags bother some one who might actually give them valid information.
08 Jul 2021
I called the number back and got what appeared to be a legitimate Sears credit card office. When I explained why I called, the woman said Sears does not call people who do not have their credit cards, so the call I received was not legitimate. So, I will assume Sears is being victimized too. Why the hell doesn't our government do something about this?
03 Jul 2021
Correct. This is the number for Sears Mastercard for sure.
02 Jul 2021
800 Service comes ip regularly as do many, many, many other scum calls. This time I picked up, listebed to their 'urgebt' fishing spiel about credit cards, then pressed'1' which was not one of the options. A man with an Indian-sounding accent asked how I was today. I told him I would be very happy if he would stop harassing me. He did not give me the time to swear or hang up on hin. So unsatisfying that he hung up first and I could not slam a phone or ask him nicely to get a real jon and stop harassing people. Now, I know I will get more calls from new and different numbers because I broke the golden rule of not picking up. I am just so sick of spam, scam and scum.
17 Jun 2021
I have not dealt with sears since 2005 and they call and tell me there is a problem with my bill
19 May 2021
I keep getting calls from this number and others with the same answering service.

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