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13 Sep 2021
I am sure the real Apple Support, just like the real Microsoft/Windows Support does NOT call folks out of the blue unless you contacted them first and (you) opened a trouble ticket with them. Also should you ever get a pop up/warning window on your device, DO NOT call the number that the pop up shows you-it's fake/a scam.
10 Sep 2021
Trying to log in to itunes
22 Aug 2021
Apple. (800) MY-APPLE
13 Aug 2021
Not an unwanted call. I wanted Apple laptop repair, selected a callback, and this is the number they call from.Note the number spells 800-69-APPLE (69-27753). So they should only be calling you if you requested hardware repair or software assistance. Any other use is probably spoofing by other than Apple.
11 Aug 2021
16 Jul 2021
No one here is calling you. The party who is calling you is not looking at your post on this website. We do not know who they are and cannot tell them to stop calling you.
10 Jun 2021
Stop calling me i dont have a apple device i have a windows pc instend of mac and a andorid tablet and phone insted of iphone and ipad i also have fitbit insted of apple watch
10 Jun 2021
how do i install the latest version of itunes
03 Jun 2021
Called twice in two days. Didn't answer the first one. Answered second one but nobody came on the line. Would be curious if this was theoretically related to Apple products - I don't own any.
03 May 2021
Received 3 voicemails this morning in a span of 5 minutes claiming to be a call back from Apple Support - automated message asking to press2 to speak to an agent, or else they will try calling back in 10 minutes. I checked my email for my apple account and did not have anything from apple indicating they had opened a case for me. SInce they didnt call back in the specified window, I assume it is a spoof.

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