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Telephone number: +18775856486
(8775856486, 018775856486)

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23 Dec 2021
06 Dec 2021
Recording gave me the last 4 of a card number that i didn't have in my possession and a case number ID that I should call and give them my cc account info. Don't think so! I called my bank. I think this is a phising scheme also. These people should work this hard on helping others and contributing to this world.
03 Dec 2021
Pretty sure this ain't one of those scams. Just a robot representative of TCF looking after my financial well-being. Kind of creepy is a dystopian sci-fi sort of way. Just call the creepy robot voice back and give him the info and he won't hurt you, really.
24 Nov 2021
It's TCF. I tried making a large purchase a state away from home. It was rejected and then this number started calling me a few times that day. I cant answer it because it rings once then it stops calling.
23 Nov 2021
Robocall purportedly from TCF Bank re Visa card problem (gave last 4 #s). Requested that I return call & provide card info.Reported to Do Not Call Registry, here, & will now report to TCF Bank.
06 Nov 2021
Said it was Tcf bank and it was not
05 Nov 2021
Recd a voice mail message saying it was tcf fraud prevention and to call them to verify recent transactions. Did call ....just checked my bank account online and all seemed fine.
28 Oct 2021
When I called back the number, it was identified as TCF Fraud Prevention. It asked for my incident number (left as a voicemail/message), but I didn't have any such message. They did, however, say I could also enter my account number - how convenient. (Umm, yeah, I'm not going to key that in for you.)I logged into my account on-line and didn't see any alerts or secure messages from the bank, so I presume this is a phising scheme, as I suspected.
20 Oct 2021
No complaint; I called TCF at its regular number 800 823 2265 (TCF BANK) and actually spoke to a human about the call I received from this number. He assured me that it was the real TCF automated fraud checking department, (for purchases on the debit card) and confirmed that the call was due to my having made an international purchase.
19 Oct 2021
They pretend to be with TCF - but the p# does not match anything on the TCF website

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