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Telephone number: +18002103534
(8002103534, 018002103534)

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07 Sep 2021
I got a call from 1-800 -210-3534 they've been calling day and night harassing me but they won't leave a message so I suspect that they are a scammer
12 Aug 2021
I got a call from united collection at 10:56 am they left a message but they was talking so fast I couldn't understand them but I think it's a scammer whoever you are don't call here again or I will report you to the either to the FCC or to the police do you understand
08 Jul 2021
Theyr'e not allowed to say who they rep. it violates privacy. if you only owe one bill then you know who it is. If you owe more than one then call them back to find out. :-P
26 Jun 2021
'Missed' a call from this number today. When called back from a different phone, a human immediately answers with, 'Hello, this call will be recorded. You have reached UCB. This is , how can I help you today?'United Collection Bureau, Inc. (UCB)5620 Southwyck Blvd.Toledo, OH 43614 866-209-0622
24 May 2021
Please do not ever, ever call them back! if you do not want to be their next fraud victim.
24 May 2021
Just leaves message to call back with a long reference number, no clue what this is about or who they are.
16 May 2021
it’s 11:00 am and i received a call from this number and they were asking about my mother and i was very confused so me being confused i willingly gave them my mothers number 10 minutes go by and i realized it never said where they were from so i looked at the caller ID and it said unknown i just looked at this site and i just told my mother not to call them or answer
11 May 2021
caller left a message with my mom, stating caller's name (jessica), phone number and extention
07 May 2021
Claims to be a collection agency. They left multiple messages over several weeks, but never say who they are calling for. I don't owe anything and have immaculate credit rating.
26 Apr 2021
They called looking for my former daughter-in-law, who never lived at my address/phone and who hasn't had my last name for over 10 years. They may be a 'legitimate' debt collection agency but I'll bet they're one of those that buy up ancient accounts that have already been written off by the original lenders and then harass anyone who even comes close to matching the debtor's demographics.

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