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Telephone number: +18002109011
(8002109011, 018002109011)

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21 Dec 2021
Please stop calling our office! We are not interested in your 'rebate' No means No
19 Dec 2021
Cassendra from AP&G800-210-9011 ext. 1744Has been calling from 215 and 267 generated numbers; and when I asked her to identify herself she gave me the 800 number. She wanted me to have a copy of the utility bill in front while talking to her. Said that she will call back and have the bill ready!
18 Dec 2021
Denise, ext. 1753 calls CONSTANTLY. Told her NO several times and just ends the call with 'okay I'll call next week!' finally said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and called my phone provider to have the 800 number BLOCKED FOR GOOD.
07 Dec 2021
Claims to be from power company.
07 Dec 2021
rebate program for con-edison
07 Dec 2021
Caller said I should call back immediately as some of my accounts need to be looked at. She wouldn't leave any info on my voicemail but said it was necessary for me to call her back. I think it's a scam.
22 Nov 2021
Ashley called our business asking for a Ohio Edison Bill to verify a 25% rebate. Phone # she left was 800-210-9011 EXT. 2305. Local # 330-474-3604 Told her I'd call her back, after reading all this comments on this # that's not happening.
21 Nov 2021
American Power & Gas (aka APG) are true and tried crooks. Avoid them, friendly reader.
21 Nov 2021
they need to be shut down - saying i have an account that doesnt exist
02 Nov 2021
Called from -717-403-6408left msg to call 800-210-9011 opt 1, ext 1505urgent

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Nothing ye really


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Nope nothing


Don't now who this is hesxbeen trying video call. I don't answer not sure whothis


Don't know if it is a a scam or not.


I've been called by this number but I don't know who they are. As I don't have any connection with t...


Spam I need a verification


This number call me many times and when you give the verification and you name ask for my husband fi...

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