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Telephone number: +18002198384
(8002198384, 018002198384)

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23 Dec 2021
Got a postcard saying my vehicle protection to be updated with my car make model. No company name on the card - just a phone no to call and a fine print note stating they're (who ever 'they' are) not affiliated with the dealer of manufacturer.
08 Dec 2021
11 Oct 2021
In TINY print at the bottom of the back of the postcard are the words 'Not affiliated with dealer or manufacturer'. My car is less than two months old and has travelled about 500 miles.Somebody is making a buck or two selling car buyer information to scammers.
30 Sep 2021
Received an 'official-looking' post card with this phone # on it. Message for my brand new car was unless I call them NOW my status will be categorized as [High-Risk potential 'Pre-Existing' conditions with mechanical or electrical issues on vehicle]WOW -- no way would I call them nor should you.
23 Sep 2021
Postcard reads 'FACTORY WARRANTY REPLACEMENT NOTICE' and 'IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO THIS NOTICE REQUIRED.' States that failing to respond will recategorize your vehicle as 'High Risk-Mechanical/Electrical issues' in their system. But...I don't own a 2020 3-series Gran Turismo. Not sure why I'd need to update warranty on a '20 vehicle, either. Biggest red flag was there was no company name/address on the card, only this number.
26 Jul 2021
Has My address, dealer info, Car model; warning about interruption of protection.
19 Jul 2021
Called my cell phone. I don't give it out to businesses.Complaints on another site all say vehicle warranty.My vehicle is 20 yrs old. This is just a scam.
05 Jul 2021
needs to stop
13 May 2021
Got a postcard saying my vehicle protection had not been activated. No company name on the card - just a phone no to call and a fine print note stating they're (who ever 'they' are) not affiliated with the dealer of manufacturer. Don't think they're going to be hearing from me.
02 Apr 2021
Couldn't answer the call. Got a voicemail saying my warranty has has expired. My car is less than a month old so I knew something was fishy. Looked up online to find it to be a scam

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