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03 Sep 2021
They keep calling my parents house and asking for my ssn or account number. i had recieved a payment book from them for 50 dollars a month with a reference number. i gave them the reference number and they said they cant find any info on the number and started asking me my name. i told them no and that i had heard they were a scam and they laughed. What perfessional person laughs on the phone. NO BODY.
31 Jul 2021
They keep calling my friend saying they are from Great Lakes and when I call them back they ask for my SS# or a reference # that I was never given!!! They must not be legit!!! They are really nasty when you question them too. Oh, when they call my friend they don't give my legal name.....
09 Jul 2021
My wife received a Wisconsin call and since we live in another state, we allowed the answering machine to pick it up. Lady said she was with the address department of Great Lakes trying to update an address for a Margarita C. ________ and asking that we call back on the referenced toll free number. Since we never heard of Margarta C. _______ or Great Lakes, we never returned the call. Can't imagine this is legit.
07 Jul 2021
These people called me and they ARE legit. It is a student loan company, they are trying to keep your information up to date so you can pay your student loans back this is information that I got off of Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc., also known as the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation, is a guarantor and servicer of student loans in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. They were established in 1967 and also act as a servicer of student loans. For more information, call 1-800-366-0032 (Loan Applications) or 1-800-236-6600 (Loan Consolidation) or 1-800-236-4300 (Loan Repayment), fax 1-800-375-5288, or write to Great Lakes - Borrower Services, PO Box 7860, Madison, WI 53707.
07 Jul 2021
Called saying wanting to reach ... & gave a variation on my nephew's name. Said they were the Great Lakes address department...
22 Jun 2021
I don't work for Great Lakes, but I can verify that this number is associated with them. I had a message on my work phone identifying the company and the callback number (this one). They are trying to reach the person who I replaced at this company. My guess is that they are tryint to track her down since she moved out of state.
07 May 2021
They called my former brother-in-law asking for my contact information. They told him I had given his name as a reference, which is a lie. These people are horrible. There should be a law against this.
06 May 2021
Also- They didn't say they were the 'post office'. They probably said they were calling from the 'Address Department' of Great Lakes. That is the dept that handles reference calls to try to locate a borrower.
01 May 2021
Great Lakes, student loans
30 Apr 2021
Greatlakes student loan

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happens on regular basis spoof #


Ernie from WL Construction called and left a message for the owner by name. Our secretary was uncer...


Caller from Hyundai Capital and that he was collecting a missed payment


Called six times since Nov 3rd, no voice mail left

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